Missionary Training Center, Week 6, 15 December 2011


Thank you for the package it was extrememly nice to get. If you are going to send anymore sweets, just [chocolate peppermint] biscotti and not too much of it. I am not gaining weight, but sitting all day and eating junk food is not a good combination. Dad as far as posting things [on a blog], go for it. If there is anything overly sensitive I will either note not to include it or just write it in a letter. Also, when I get to Chile the first letters are going to take about 6 weeks. That is what I heard, although maybe that is just packages, and mail might move faster.

Anyway on to the news. First the bad, I am not sleeping well and for the most part have lost my appetite. I think the losing the appetite is my body is sick of the food, but there is no good way to eat anything else. The sleeping problem I don’t understand. I work and push my mind throughout the day and then into the evening and then sleep in starts and fits for the most part. That may also be contributing to my lack of appetite. I wish I could say I knew what was bugging me but in all honesty I can’t, as in I don’t really know. Other then those two details everything is pretty good.

I will start with a funny story though. So I have a bag of Hersheys kisses because, well I like them and they are wrapped in Christmas colors. So I put them next to a little paper Christmas tree that I made, so that they look like gifts. Well, we were in class, and had study time and one of the elders asked for one, so of course I gave him one. So then I was just asking all of them if they wanted one, in Spanish of course, so it was “Alguien quiere un beso (kiss)?” This is all well and good, until of course, I am asking rapidly and the one hermana [female or sister missionary] in our district walks in. and I get about halfway through it “Hermana, quiere un bes….dulce (candy)?” It was just one of those funny moments. Thought you all would enjoy it.

I don’t know what all to include, I am working on letters to everyone so I will answer your personal questions there. I guess, I will just try and include a summary of the week. Today, was the last day we will be able to attend the temple. It closes in two days [for cleaning] and doesn’t open until the 4th of January. We are leaving, the second. We should be getting official travel plans in, a week and a half. Time is beginning to really fly here.  I literally feel like I just wrote an email home just a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I got a lot better at a grammar principle in Spanish and I studied alot. We had our first “baptism,” which just means we completed all the lessons with our investigator (teacher) and that his baptismal date was yesterday. We also have our other investigator set for baptism, and will be recieving three new investigators tomorrow.

Tuesday, highlight was as always the General Authority fireside. Elaine S. Dalton [Young Women General President of the Church, the person who directs the development of the programs for young women age 12 – 18] came and talked for the most part about God having a plan for us and our need to trust in him. I got a lot out of it.  I think sometimes it is really hard to trust the Lord. It sounds silly, but it is, it is hard not to want to have everything planned out. Or at least to be comfortable with that plan changing. At least for the next two years, I have a plan.

Also it snowed in the morning, so we made little snowmen outside for fun. Monday. Monday was just an off day. I learned a lot; I spoke a ton of Spanish. I have a goal to only use one English word a day during the allotted time we have to speak Spanish. Which is 10 hours of the day. But other than that, it just had a wierd feel to it. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything, although I read a lot in the scriptures and learned a lot.

Sunday. Sunday was good for the majority of the day. I started studying pride, because, it is most definitely one of my problems, I could use a lot less of it. So that is my new goal, because for the most part, except in rare circumstances, my sarcasm has dimished.

Saturday. Saturday….I can’t even remember Saturday very well. We taught a bunch of lessons Friday. It was a pretty normal Friday, which of course meant that it was super busy, just like every other day of the week. I got my suit drycleaned.  And, last Thursday, I emailed you. Today, I am going to get some prictures printed. Write some letters and hopefully take a much needed nap. I started taking pills for the typhoid vaccination and have my second one today. That really isn’t a big deal though.

I can’t think of much more to say. I will do my best to answer all of your letters, and all of your questions. I love you all.  I can feel your love lift me up as I am working and for that I am so greatful. I encourage you to remember, that, this is the Christmas season. Try to remember what it is really about. Also read your scriptures, I cannot even number the times in the MTC where they have been the conduit for revelation. I literally have no way of describing it.

Love you all,

Elder Tonkinson

Mom and Dad, happy anniversery in dos dias!!! te amo.

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