Missionary Training Center, Week 9, 01 January 2012

It is a direct flight!!!! Straight from Salt Lake City, takes off at 1:00 or 1:50 I honestly can’t remember, and my travel plans are in the room. I will probably call around 12:00 though, because we leave the MTC around 10:00 and then we will have to get security. As far as the stamps and stuff goes, I can’t get them at the MTC.  The store is closed, so I might try and find some at the airport, and hopefully they will have some. If so I will probably buy some. I will also probably just pay for the luggage in cash or credit because I don’t know my debit balance. Just email back and I will leave some time to quickly check tonight and see which you would prefer. So, once I leave Salt Lake, it is a straight flight down to Santiago. Roughly 15 hours on the plane I believe. It is whatever; I am going to study and hopefully teach for a large majority of the waking time and because it is through the night, it really shouldn’t be bad. We do lose like 4 hours though. No big deal at all. I hope I can get a phone card in the airport, I didn’t realize that the MTC store was going to be closing early and therefore I didn’t pick one up before I left. Otherwise our call may be super short.  I don’t have that much change, and it is super expensive. Anyway, I am not stressed out at all. Everything is packed, everything is ready to go. I just need to put one suit into the suitcase and then I am set to go. I am not worried.  My Spanish isn’t perfect, but I can say pretty much exactly what I want every time; and it will just take some time to pick up speed and an accent once in the field. I am looking forward to getting into the field. I really am; I am thrilled by the prospect of being able to teach some real investigators and speak with some real natives.

Um, I am still not sleeping great, and the antibiotics they gave me for the infection I got have been playing terrible games with my digestive system, so I threw up a couple times yesterday. Luckily other than that, the infection is going down and away and I have the energy to keep plugging along and learning. I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for the pictures, I enjoy them a lot. My ornament [the children each get a new Christmas Ornament each year that signifies something important in their life that year.  Caleb’s was of the St. Louis, Missouri Temple, handmade in glass since he went through the temple for the first time there] looks super cool, I like it. Also, I have a letter on the way for him, but thank Nathan for his letters. There was some things in one of his letters that I needed.  Literally, the first time I have cried here. I am looking forward to reading the other letters once I get down there. [we sent him some to read since the mail will lag more in Chile]  Although I don’t really know with the dearelder.com ones, which one goes where, so I am being careful as I open them up. I have nothing much more to say. I am so focused on the work, that I don’t really think about home except occasionally in the evenings when I see all of you in pictures. I love you, I hope that you are safe and sound and that all continues to go well. I don’t know when my P-Day is in the field. Rest assured, I will email you from there.


Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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