No Time to Write

Okay, as always, the questions first.

We get our laundry done by members, which is super helpful.

Funny experience.  I don´t know; there isn´t anything super funny to say.  We have a really young investigator and her sister is 5 years old.  She reminds me so, so much of Addie that it is weird to be in a lesson with her. Anyway, we were at their house teaching when one of her friends came over. So, we said hello to her friend and talked a little to her, as in two or three sentences because she is really young.  But right afterwards, the little friend walked up to the mother of our investigator and whispered “Ellos no hablan normal,” “They don’t talk normal.”  It was funny to recognize that despite the abiltiy to communicate completely, I still sound like an absolute gringo.

Spiritual Experience.  So, Alvaro. We have been working with him forever, and he will go in between wanting to get baptized and wanting to stay where he is without changing.  However, he called us Friday morning and asked us to come to his house. We of course did, and this is what he told us: “I woke up this morning with this huge weight on my chest, just this grand burden.  And I thought to myself, ‘Alvaro what is this burden?’  And I realized it was all of my sins, and how stubborn that I had been.  At the same time I had this desire to read in the Book of Mormon, just this huge desire.  So I walked over and picked it up, and opened it to the chapter that you had left me, 2 Nephi 31.  And I read it and said ‘Alvaro, How stubborn you have been. You need to get baptized.”  And then I called you all and said ‘listen, listen,  I need to tell you something,’ but you guys couldn’t answer, but I knew you would come, and look! Here you are.”  And there we were, the both of us, with big stupid grins on our face.  Grins that we couldn’t wipe off and indescribable joy.  We had a lesson prepared but we didn’t give it. We just talked and shared a couple scriptures and gloried in the change. It was so much different then the other times, and he is so excited for his baptism.  I am so excited for him. I am just excited.

We did our weekly planning on Thursday, and we literally do not have time to do all of the things that we have to do in a given week. There is just a ton to do.

Elder Wintz and I are looking for a new pension. We are going to leave the other four and move into our sector because right now we live like 20 minutes from it.

Alright, the pictures are from the zone activity that we did today. We climbed to the top of

a mountain and read our patriarchal blessings [an individual blessing of direction and counsel for life given by revelation by a patriarch, one individual in each stake (a group generally of 6 to 15 congregations in a specific geographic region) called to serve in that capacity, which is recorded and transcribe to provide the opportunity for individual reflection] and had a testimony meeting. It was pretty good but it took a long time to do and now we are running behind.

We have 6 people with baptismal dates and are relatively confident of five of them. It is really fun to watch their progress.  So, I will just rapidly include a couple other things from the week.  We got a call last night from a guy that we talked to twice in the street.  Both of the times he was drunk.  However, we met him once sober, and he wanted help so we gave him our number and set up a meeting. He didn´t show up to the meeting but called last night and apologized.  Also, he wants to meet up with us, and change his life.  The gospel is sort of good at changing lives,  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I am super excited to teach him . . . I am always really excited to teach.

The day we had the most planned for this week, no one was home and we got almost no measurable work done.  The day that we had least filled with real appointments, we got the most work done as far as measurable work goes.  It was pretty great.

I only have nine minutes left though and have a couple more things to write [meaning, individual messages].  I love you all.  I keep you in my prayers.  Forge ahead, the Lord consecrates our efforts for our gain.

Elder Tonkinson

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