Lemon pies, rubiks cubes and other wastes of my time

In response to “Do I recieve writing from others?”  Yes I do; I get the occasional letter from friends. The thing is that I don’t really think about it that much.  I get them, and it is wonderful to hear from people, but I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about letters; and I am realllllly bad about writing back.

Explanation of the title for the week. Suprise I am human! As a missionary I have worked really  hard at getting rid of wasted time, optimizing the time that I have so that I am constantly learning and progressing.  However, this is a huge mental drain, and it really decreases effectivity over time. I just can’t keep going forever.  It costs too much effort. My retention of information goes down, my brain gets fried, and I stop sleeping for as long.  So, I have come up with a couple breaks that clear my head and allow me to get back to work at a higher capacity.  One. The rubiks cube. I don’t know why but it helps me to relax my brain a little bit.  The puzzle effort that it is. I think that I may buy one to help me relax my brain a little bit, just for like 5 minutes every two hours or so. It just exercises another part of my brain and changes my mindset so that when I go back to  studying, I see things differently. Two, snacks. Specifically I like lemon pies…Alot. They  are these little pies, filled with a lemon filling made with condensed milk and lemon and sugar and I don´t know what else, topped with a whipped kind of topping. They are really good, and a five minute break to have a snack (although not normally lemon pie) has also helped some.

Now, weekly news. We did not find a house. We stopped looking for a while because we weren’t sure in what part of the city to look, so we are going to really focus on it this week now that we know to look in a certain part of the south of the city. So, hopefully, that all pans out, and we can get that done. We had an investigator who was doing so well tell us the night before his baptism that he wasn’t going to do it. He just fell all the way to the bottom, and we can’t even go visit him now. It was really really rough for Elder Wintz and I. That was followed by a hard day of work with little to show for it.

Other then that the week was fantastic. We taught a lot and had a lot to show for our efforts on the whole. One thing that is hard right now is that we almost never are working together. We are doing two intercambios a week and aren´t together a lot which hurts our effectivity. I, for the most part, am taking care of our investigators right now because he hasn’t been here. This week is going to be even worse, but hopefully we can keep up with every thing.   It is starting to cool down here, which is good. The nights are actually cold, and in the day it isn’t nearly as bad walking around.  I like working in the cold a lot more then in the burning hot weather.  So that has been a little of a relief.

My Spanish is, for the most part, operable and complete.  I occasionally don’t know how to say something but I am working on it. I just lack a really large vocabulary, so I am working on that, and I think that soon enough I will have that.  I do all of my studying in Spanish, and my recent project has been developing a Spanish accent. It is hard; I sound stupid a lot but little by little I am being to sound more like a native speaker.

Not a whole lot more to say other than that Second Nefi chapter 2 is one of the greatest teaching chapters ever, so wonderful for helping investigators understand the plan of salvation. Oh, funny story. We had an hour argument in the pension about whether Ammon or Aaron was the better missionary. Comparing Alma 18 with Alma 22. It was a really heated discussion with lots of scriptural evidence and cross referencing, and we had a lot of fun doing it. Yes, I am most definitely serving a mission 🙂

It is the day to day here right now. We have conference tomorrow and then a bunch of work to do. As for me,  I am good.  We are going to go shopping, and then I am going to write a couple letters to get sent off this week, as well as my first set of letters home (sorry it is taking me sooo long, I do feel bad) [he should not, as he is there to do missionary work, not write to us].  I hope that all is well, everyone is healthy and that Addies surgery goes well. I have you all in my prayers. If there is anything that I can do as a missionary for you all, tell me.


All of my Love

— Elder Caleb Tonkinson    PS. I tried to pray in english the other day…..hahahaha. I didn´t know what words to say, I translated back from spanish. whooooo!

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