The Week

I use the ipod shuffle [loaded entirely with Church music] for probably a solid three hours a day. It is fantastic. Really, I love listening to music during my studies so it is really, really great. Gracias.

I did buy peanut butter. It was almost two mil, or about 4 dollars for 500 grams. I don’t know what the normal price would be; however it seemed really expensive. In the end, it was totally worth it. I love eating peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches.

Giving my email to [Elder] Justin [Taylor] would be fantastic. I wanted to send him one but figured Justin Taylor was probably a more common name in the mission so I didn’t know where to send one. In general though, just give my pouch address unless it needs to be expedited. I have plenty enough to read at this point, and I want to get it organized. It also helps not to recieve too many letters every week.

Alright I have less time then I would like right now so I am going to do more of a bullet list.

*We had the baptism of Marian Domenique Agüero Bravo!!! WHOOOOO!! I baptized her.

At the baptism of Marian

It was way great, the pictures are included. We found her at the beginning of this change. As a side note, due to her baptism we have 5 new investigators. No less then a little miracle.

Young Girl who reminds Elder Tonkinson of his sister, Addie.



*Also, there are some pictures of her little sister who is the same age as Addie and looks and acts a lot like her.





*Juaquin, who got baptized last week, got comfirmed this week and then during sacrament meeting Elder Corbridge who was visiting did a question session with him. Yep, he stood up there and answered questions for like 10 minutes from Elder Corbridge about the Spirit and Baptism and Persevering till the end. He did a fantastic job.

*We had a really bad week finding people and teaching. We just really did not have a lot of luck with it. However we made some good plans for this week

The ubiquity of Coca-Cola

*We attempted to take a micro to a part of town we do not go to very often, and instead of getting there we got lost in coquimbo. Coquimbo is the city next to us, a completely different zone, we lost a grand two hours of time trying to find our way back. The picture of the coca cola sign is from there.


*I got over perfeccionism. Well, for the moment at least. I had an exchange with the Zone Leaders and me and one of them did a study of perfection for about two hours. It was really good. I think what helped the most was thinking it through and talking about it.

*I have almost finished my jar of Speculoos [a spread popular in Europe that is made with cinnamon Biscoff cookies]. It is a sad realization. I will probably finish it this week, but I am going to get some good bread to finish it off on.

*We got up this morning and played soccer for an hour. We being the six of us living in our apartment right now.

*We spent a solid 8 hours looking for a new place to live this week. We still have not found anything that fits our needs.

*I have started to catch myself translating frequently back to english. Just a weird feeling. I feel now that I can say that I speak spanish. The suprising thing is that I always imagined being bilingual as different. In the end there are just my thoughts and when I speak and I hardly realize that it is in Spanish sometimes.

*I will email next monday with where I am headed or if I am staying here.

*It has started to get cold in the morning and in the night. So I normally wear sweaters around the pension

*I think I got one of the best compliments I have ever recieved from someone. “I think Elder Tonkinson is the most likely to achieve whatever he wants. If that is what he wants, there is nothing that is going to stop him from getting it.”

*People say I have a the “Carita picaron” or “Little roughish face” more or less. I have been told that like 10 times now

*There are going to be like 3 weddings of investigators and members in the ward this coming month. That is about all.

I have finally written all of the letters and have plans to get them sent off today. As in it is in the agenda. I have been studying the attributes of Christ recently. Diligence. I will share some of the notes I have next week, but it is super interesting. I hope you, my dear family have a fantastic spring break. I love you very much and keep you in my prayers, — Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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