6 Months

Between the MTC and my two cambios in the field I have been out on the mission now for six months [It is actually only 5 months]. Wow how time flies; and although the end is far I feel it coming and feel the need to throw myself at the work with ever more force.

I think I might actually get my package tomorrow [his uncle traveled to Chile on business and carried a package from us to Santiago, where he then mailed it to the mission home]. When elders move around they almost always pass by the office and take things. So I am hoping my new companion brings it.

Which brings me to another point. Elder Wintz is leaving for Valpo. I stay here, a new companion comes, and we are co compañeros. In other words, no one is in charge. I am super excited and a little nervous. I feel on some levels that it is because I have a thick head and always think I know what I am doing. However, I realize that, and think that we should be able to work well together.  Also, I have no clue who he is or what his name is.

[We asked about American chains in his area] There is a KFC, a McDonalds, Subway, and a couple that serve stuff like America. In the end KFC and MCDonalds are pretty much the exact same with a couple items for the area added on. Subway I haven’t tried yet but I have heard it isn´t as good here.  The flavor palate (sp?) is pretty much the same though. Meat, cheese, potatoes, onions, salt, ketchup, mayo.  Very, very much alike.

We have cell phones; one per companionship but without texting.

[We asked whether he felt the earthquake which was about 800 km south] I have felt one tremble in my time here and I barely felt it. We didn´t feel the earthquake in Talca at all. Other then that I am doing fantastic!

This week was a hard week on the teaching front. We didn´t get that much teaching done. However there are a lot of people in the area to teach and this week a lot of them just weren’t around their houses. The girl we baptized, Marianne got confirmed this week. Way cool. She started crying when she heard that one of us was going. Tonight we are going to pass by so Elder Wintz  can say goodbye. I was gone a lot on exchanges and was working with different elders. It made me really grateful for my companion. He is definitely one of the better missionarys that there is.

I hurt my foot playing soccer. We played four times this week, and I tore up one of my toes because of my shoes.  So, if my cleats made it in the package, I will be so happy. It has been way fun to be able to play in the mornings for exercise.

The husband of one of our investigators had a heart attack and so we were running around for two days helping her with that. Finally, we got to go in and see him and give him a blessing. He has never met with us before, nor shown any desires to do so. However as we entered, he extended his hand the little that he could, because it was bound to the bed to keep him stable, to greet us. We gave him a blessing and now he is little by little getting better. She continues strong and ready to get baptized and very thankful for our help. We are actually going to go see them tonight. That was the craziest thing that happened this week. Also a really cool experience to be able to help.

Today we are going to have an Asado (lots of grilled meat) with a less active family. We have been helping him stop smoking and the both of them get active and talking about getting married.  That is about it for this week. Last night we had family home evening as a pension, and I was asked to teach about humility. Can you say inspired 🙂 That is a message from above if I have ever seen one. I am reminded everyday of the progress I have to make.

Anyway, I also just followed my geneology back on family search and I never knew that I had kings and emperors in my family. I took it back to the 800 and Charles the great, it is off of one of Dad’s lines, way way way way way way way way back and, however, pretty nifty.  Anyway, I diverge. I am loving the mission and everything for the moment is going well.

I love you all

— Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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