Busy busy busy busy

My cold is better. I haven´t felt overly sick in a while. My stomach is a little bit unsettled today but that is probably just because we got fed a lot of different things yesterday.

Our investigators have returned, sort of. Two returned, one isn´t coming back, he moved. That was a fun suprise, especially because he was preparing for baptism. Two returned but we haven’t been able to share with them since they returned.

Elder Anderson is a twin. His brother is serving in Guatamala. He has 5 siblings, including the twin. He is an eagle scout who got every single merit badge that exists. He loves the outdoors and has lots of scars from his pet falcon. He has been in the mission for about a year and a half and was a district leader right before he became my companion. He is not sure what he is going to study when he gets home but he would love to start a tour business in southern Chile. He is super humble and very nice. In that he is always complementery and always willing to help out, never takes the credit for what happens and fends of compliments as if they were the plague. Fantastic example.

The importance of questions just keeps getting drilled into me from my studies. There are always great questions that the teachers in the Book of Mormon always did. They always taught but it wasn’t a brutish sort of teaching. They would ask a question and then testify of the doctrine that applied. It definitely applies for my work here. That we have to be bold in teaching people. That they must understand why we are there and feel of the importance of the things that we do. But that we don’t tell them it, that we ask them so that they can feel it. The Book of Mormon is most definitely the original preach my gospel. I am in page 304 of the Book of Mormon in Alma. I love it but it isn’t overly that fast [they were to be reading eight pages a day, and I asked him how his “fast reading” of the Book of Mormon was going], I only read like 15 minutes a day and otherwise am studying preach my gospel, discursos and the bible.

Okay, on my mind. There are a lot of marriage problems here. Three times this week as we talked about eternal families, we ended up in the middle of marital fights. Actually, correction, all three of the couples were just living together, not married. They got into arguments about why they weren’t going to get married. Really rough to sit there during that. So many of them were just biting and cortante to each other. I couldn’t believe it. What makes people be so mean to the people that they profess to love? It made me grateful for the peace that has always been in our house and for the words of wisdom my parents have always shared about marriage. Anyway, we try and stay out of the arguments and get out as quickly as possible if we are somehow in them. But it is sad and hard to see. I am thankful for strong member families. I consistently see the difference between an active, righteous family and all other families. There is just a joy and a happiness there that is awesome. We have talked to other families that are strong in their religions. They frequently have a lot of happiness, but there is generally something, usually to do with a commandment that they don’t understand, that makes a marked difference between them and a member family. You can just see how the Lord blesses us for our efforts. If we are praying with real intent, then he blesses all the same, if we are reading the scriptures we also recieve those blessings. However, we cannot find complete happiness unless we are living all of the commandments, and you can’t try and live them all if you don’t have them all. So, it has been fun. People frequently get defensive, like all of my friends used to, when we try and share with them. They must not realize that the driving force behind sharing isn’t some weird tradition or forced service. We share because we feel the joy, and see the happiness that comes from living the gospel. If they would just realize that and take down all of their walls, they would be able to feel of the truth of what we share. The gospel makes so much sense, logically, spiritually, scripturally, it even lines up a lot with science. It is just a shame that people turn away with memorized phrases, ingrained doubts and a lack of desire to really try it out. Anyone that is reading this that isn’t a member, talk to the missionaries. It isn’t so much that they will change all of your beliefs. They don’t change them really; they add to your understanding and as you understand you become happier. It is that simple.

This week was really long. We didn’t teach a whole lot, and there wasn’t a whole lot of measurable success. However, hopes are high, and we have some wonderful plans for the coming week. I love you all and think of you when time and occasion permits, which isn’t frequently, however there is a whole lot of time to think about that stuff in two years 🙂

Elder Caleb Tonkinson
Sorry this wasn´t overly long, no habia tiempo
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