An Extra Hour of Sleep

I could recieve a video and download it onto my camera. If you would like to, you can. However, I would prefer that if you do that it is something very short and very simple. One of the Elders got sent a camera with literally hours of video of all sorts of different stuff and it was super distracting. If you want to say a quick “I love you” or “Hey look what I did to all your stuff” kind of video, go for it, but anything too long, I would prefer not.

We do email in a place called a ciber. A lot of people have computers but at the same time a lot just use these little stores that let you use the computers and internet for a fee, they also have printers and stuff like that. I will attach a photo of where we are. [he did not attach a photo]

With the phone call [we get to talk to Elder Tonkinson on Mother’s Day, so we had asked about the arrangements], sometime next week I should get a five minute phone call to organize the longer phone call. I should have skype. Also the call is 40 minutes. It will be after like 1:30 here, and probably more like 3:30 becuase we eat lunch with members right after. So it is going to be later, because we will probably do it in the house of a member.

Okay, my letter to president took a really long time today, so I only have a little time to write my general report of the week. It was a really fantastic week.We taught a ton of lessons and were able to do a lot of work to help some families. Highlights. A less active family that hasn’t gone to church in about 6 months, came back yesterday. We had a fantastic lesson about the atonement with them on Saturday, and they came way excited for church the next day. I was super happy to see them there, and the lesson was just so cool.  To see them turning it over in their minds the grand majesty of what it could do for them if they were consistently applying it in their lives. Also, they realized how much more it covered then just sins.

Jorge, the husband of Rosalba who got baptized just a little while ago is doing super well. He was never ever ever ever ever, willing to meet with the missionaries before and now he just can’t wait to see us. He is always reading the scriptures, the Liahona [the Church’s international magazine] or watching church videos. It is really fantastic. He just welcomes us in and is super excited to see us. The smile that just goes from ear to ear as we enter the room makes a bad day melt into the background. It is a cool experience. He is the last one of his immediate family to accept the gospel, but he is going to be super strong for the rest of his life. He is going to get baptized the third week of May. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A set of less actives [people who attend church only infrequently or not at all]  that we have been working on for about 2 months made some huge progress. We were teaching about challenges in our lives and how we can get over them if we do things in the Lord’s way (look at 1 nephi 17 and 18 vs´s 17:5,8-9 and 18:2-3) when we felt to challenge them to get married. They agreed!!! POR FIN!!! So they are going to choose a date this week and get married before the end of the month. I am super excited, it really made that day just fantastic.

We found this lady named Irma. She just soaks every thing that we teach right up. She reads the things we leave, and she said a really cool prayer for us “Heavenly Father, I am thanful to be here with these two servants of yours that you sent. Please help me to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and really saw you. Amen.”  Then, we just sat there for about two minutes and she said “I feel really tranquil.  I think that was an answer!”

Now we just have to work a little bit with that An American family. Actually, Mark- He is a professor for one of the Universitys of California and lives in Bakersfield, California. Anyway, they left to return to the US and left us Brown Sugar. Entonces, I can now make cinnamon rolls. Which is like a luxury here, de hecho not something the people here have seen before.

That is about it for highlights. It has just been a lot of working for the most part.  My studies are going pretty well. I made my Preach My Gospel [the handbook for how to teach the gospel as a missionary] into a binder because the binding was dying due to usage. I like it even more now then before, just easier to use. Right now, my studies are just focused on how to teach better. The cambio is almost over and every one is telling me that I am about to leave la Serena. I am actually pretty tranquil about it. I love la Serena, but there are a million other places to go that are going to be way way fun. Also, I might be training this next change, so we shall see. I was happy to see the fotos. They were really fun to see. Congrats on all of the good work that is happening at home. The field is a wild, happy, exciting, challenging place. For all of the ranting I did last week, I really love it here and the opportunity is once of a life time. As I roll in on almost 6 months in the mission, I am thankful to be here; I am happy with the efforts that I have put in and I believe that I have learned more about life and about myself in the last six months then I did in the past 6 years.  Thank you for all of your consistent love and support.

I love you all,

— Elder Tonkinson

Ps. we use this thing called la lista “the list” here. It helps the members to do missionary work. I want you all to just take a couple of minutes and think of those in your lives that could use the gospel. Write them down and then fast and pray about how YOU can help them come to know the church. I am sure the missionarys there would love it if you just could find one for them to start teaching and to be honest, you cannot comprehend the joy of finding, teaching and seeing progress in those that you teach. Just an idea, it is super easy.  Send me whatever questions that you have. I am going to try and reply personally to a couple other letters today. If I don´t get it done, I am really sorry.

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