La Serena to be continued

I am not going anywhere. My first area will be a six month area.

As far as skype goes. I am hoping to be able to remember my skype name and password, which I am testing right now. If I do, then I will be able to sign in and call from there. However at the moment I can not remember either of them, so we are going to find out. If not, we are going to be with some american members and I will call from one of their accounts. Therefore if a Wilkendorf sends you an invitation on Sunday, then it is me.  It should be a call around 4 or 5 our time, because we have lunch with them that day. Also, sometime in the afternoon on wednesday 3:30ish our time, I am going to have five minutes to make a quick organizational call. So, I will have the time that I am going to call on Sunday, the skype name that I am going to use and answer any quick questions.  If you could look up my skype address and password on the sheet that I gave you before I left, then I would be able to call from my account. So if you can have that ready, to tell me on Wednesday, that would be marvelous.

[We asked him for anything humorous that happened recently] Something humorous that happened recently. I got a key stuck in a lock and we had to go running around looking for a way to get it undone.  There was a temblor and one of the Elders jumped out of bed and ran to the corner. We were ordered by the bishop to play a game of soccer because there were not enough people. A little girl told me that I was an elf from el infierno. She was just kidding, but the way she said it was hilarious; I have a video, but it is to long to send. We have a dog that follows us everywhere. When we pass a house it jumps the wall and follows us. Whenever there are other dogs that threaten us, it fights them. I got sick one day and wasn´t feeling at all good, didn´t have an appetite and just wanted to sleep. But there was work to be done. So we went to lunch and at lunch, we were fed so much food, to each of us, that it could have fed 3 people or more. It was crazy, so I just sat there, and ate and ate and ate. A couple told me that they were getting married. After months of working with them. I jumped up I was so excited, and almost knocked a small table over. Funny stuff happens frequently. It is just a part of life as a missionary.

[We asked which principles of the gospel he liked teaching best]  I love teaching the atonement [of Jesus Christ]. It is the best. I can’t think of anything that brings the spirit faster to a lesson then testifying of the power of the atonement. Of giving somebody in a bad place, hope that they can get out of it.  There is just so much joy in sharing it. You can see burdens lifted, faces light up, chins lift, hearts lighten, the tightness of the air relaxes and everything seems to have a different peace to it.

I love teaching about service to others, because everyone agrees that it is good and it destroys excuses about things. People feel the necesity to do it. Then, when they do it, it is easy to see changes in them and they can see it. I have been reading the book of Matthew recently and I love in chapter 5, in 43-48. It shows us the correlation between obtaining perfection and the love and service that we do for other peole. Really cool. It starts a lot of discussions. It actually was part of a fantastic lesson we had with this matrimony (Marcelo y Natalia).  They are going to get married soon. However when we taught about service and its applications for their marriage, they really loved it; it seemed to touch them. They also told us that it helped a ton in their relationship.  I would consider that a really fantastic experience.

Forgiveness. There is a bad habit here of holding grudges. I like seeing grudges go bye bye. Because otherwise they are really ugly.

The work is going well. Our investigator Jorge is going really well right now, and we just found a family of four that we have started to teach. I am excited to see a couple things get finished here in this next change. People that I have been working with for a long time. So it should be fantastic. I am just excited to keep working. And we finally found a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is pretty sweet. I will show pictures next week.  Other then that all is well and I cannot wait to talk to you all 🙂


— Elder Tonkinson

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