Oh how the time flies

Alright. There really aren´t any questions from you all this week so I will just start.

It was a long week. Currently a lot of investigators are out of town or can only meet on the weekends or are never home. In other words, we are having trouble finding people to teach, which stresses me out a little of course. But hey what can you do? Personally, I just put my nose to the grindstone and start absorbing all of my time in the pension figuring out what more can be done. I also tend to get way more serious on the mission, maybe too serious. I think for a lot of my life I have seen things as sort of drawn in shades of grey. It is easier to think that way, less afrontational (I don´t know what word I want) to other people. However, the Gospel isn´t that way and neither are the rules. Which brings me back to the point that sometimes the other Elders worry that I don´t have any fun. I look at them smile and keep on working, because for me, the happniness comes from knowing that I am pushing myself to get all that I can done. Anyway that is a side note

  • We were walking along this week when a girl said hello to us. But not hello like the latinos say it.  But “Hey, where are you all from?” She was from California. She teaches at a school here for an exchange program, teaching english. Living here for free. Anyway, we talked for about ten minutes and then talked to her about the Gospel for another ten. She is undecided about her belief in God. Her parents are vietnamese and budhist so she really didn´t really have any talking of God in her home. Interesting the difference a little of culture can make in something that we generally take for common knoweldge. In the end, I think we will get back together to share with her. So that should be fun, trying to teach in english.
  • A drunk man told us the other day that he had a gun and a knife in his bag. My comp (who has a lot more experience then I do) said “No you dont,” and the guy kept talking and talking about how he wasn´t going to pull it out on us but that he had it. This is actually last night after the call. [He Skyped us because Mother’s Day is one of two days a year we get to talk with him] Anyway, in the end he never opened his bag and almost certainly didn´t have one.  Apparently, it is custom here to say it as a threat, but they almost never do. Anyway, in the moment he said it, It was pretty tense.
  • We found a family of three!!!! And taught them the restoration, which they loved. If people just understood what happened, even just historically after Christ died, I don´t know how they could possibly believe in other Christian religions.  Speaking of which
  • We had a more historically based discussion of the Apostasy with a friend of a less active the other day. Kind of interesting, it was nice to see him finally understand things like the fact that the Catholic church didn´t just spring out of the ground the moment Christ was gone. So, we have some oportunities there.
  • We made pancakes this morning!!!! They were really good
  • I left my camera in the house of an investigator and then got really worried when it wasn´t in my backpack. In the end we found it though.

There isn´t a whole  lot more that happened this week. It is certainly a constant learning experience here. So much to do. So much to figure out. So much to learn. So little time.

Whoops. Other big thing. We are going to have a baptism with our pretty much only progressing investigator. So I guess that is relatively important 🙂 I don´t know how that slipped my mind.
Also, I have bought enough food to last me till the end of this change. Yes I am talking about 6 weeks of food. Now, I am going to have more time on P-day to study, write letters, and start working earlier then before.

I was cleaning a pair of scissors the other day and sliced my finger open. First injury of the mission, but it was fixed with alcohol wipes, triple antibiotic ointiment and a bandaid. I felt much more worried about infection then I ever have about a cut before. However, nothing bad so far, and it wasn´t very deep so I am not really worried.
Okay, I think that is all. As far as studies go. I am reading the New Testamant. I think one of the coolest things to notice is some of the doctrines that are [not] necessarily clear in the Bible. However, once you know them, you can see them really easily. Now that I say it, I can´t see an example. But I think that if you were to read it thinking about what I just said, you would understand.
I don´t know what else to write. I feel like I just talked to you yesterday and while we didn´t say a whole lot it still feels like it.

Most importantly. I love you all and hope that life continues going well,

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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