A Blessed Week

This week was really, really good. I think I taught the most (27 lessons), and the best of my mission. Well not I, we as a companionship, just went to town. It was a way good week. I will say more then that soon.

However as for the questions. No luck on finding a house but at this point I really don´t care 🙂 We have a system that works now.


Elder Tonkinson at the baptism.

There were a lot of good things that happened this week. But after 15 years the last member of a family (The father) got baptized. 15 years after the first of the kids got baptized, and only 8 weeks after his wife. Good day 🙂 That was Saturday. Also, his son got to baptize him.

The Spirit was the strongest when a less active gave her testimony yesterday in her house and promised to come back and then when we did a kneeling prayer, promised it to God. Also you could see her….I forgot the word..remember to herself,…nope…Ummm I really don´t remember the word. Maybe recognize, yeah. She recognized what was keeping her back and that was cool to see.

Anyway as for the week.

  • Elder McPherson. My MTC companion got moved from his zone close to Viña on Saturday night and arrived in my zone Sunday morning. We played soccer today. He is doing really well. It was great to see him. He came on an emergency change because someone had to go to Viña to get an operacion.  That should be fun. We might be going on interchanges Wednesday. 
  • We played soccer today. That is always a fun thing.
  • Jorge Michea got baptized. However the servicio was loco. We had talked with our ward mission leader about organizing so that a member of the bishopric would be there on time. He had told us Wednesday that it was all taken care of. Everything was looking good. 15 minutes before the service, he hadn´t arrived so I called the bishop to check what was up. The bishop and his counseler were in Santiago at the temple and the other counseler wasn´t in town. Talk about a headache. I spent the next 15 minutes making calls as Elder Anderson stalled for the service. However in the end we found someone and the service was fantastic
  • I finished reading the Book of Mormon and the Book of Marcos… or sea Mark. Always a pleasure to finish the scriptures. I have of course already started the Book of Mormon again. It is cool though, I have a copy now, with all of the questions marked
  • We are teaching a family with three kids. All progressing very well. That definitely makes me happy 🙂 We had a really cool lesson about authority and the restoration…Friday or Saturday night, I really can´t remember which. They just were asking all sorts of fantastic questions and then finding the answers within their reading.
  • I felt pretty sick stomach wise one day. Which of course means when we went to lunch it was huge. Salad, Soup, a quarter of a chicken, mashed potatoes, bread and pebre, and for some odd reason completos (hot dogs with lots of guacamole and tomatoes. Needless to say. I did not feel good after. However it goes away quick enough and we just kept working.
  • I finally found where to buy chocolate chips. So I can make chocolate chip cookies. 
  • As we came racing home one morning at 7:15 from playing soccer at a concrete court close to our house.

    The favorite sweat pants, somewhat worse for the wear.

    I was racing Elder Garcia when I stepped in the Wet grass and then on dry smooth concrete. My feet flew out from under me and I slid under Elder Garcia. No injuries except that my soccer pants have 4 nice rips in them, that have now been lovingly sowed shut. It was exciting.

  • An investigator that has been out of town came back after a month. Also, when he left he still drank alcohol. Now that he is home, he doesn´t. I would call that success. We also taught him about there being only one real path, which is a hard concept for many. We just compared it to a highway with fences to protect us and doors that only profets can open. It worked fantastic. I also just realized that doesn´t explain at all what we taught. There are so many different people saying that there are different ways to return to the presence of God. So they create different maps. However, because God doesn´t want us to be confused he gives the maps to profets who show us the road where there are commandments to keep us from headed in the wrong direction and things like barriers that are opened when we make promises to Him. Way good lesson.
  • Today we are celebrating Elder Groscosts 21 birthday. WHOOO. He goes home in 4 weeks.
  • We finally have consistent students for our english classes 
  • There is this little shoe, like childs shoe that we found in the pension. So it has been a game for the other elders to put it in my way, as in, in my seat, my bed, in my other shoes. BTW that sounds like they are picking on me, they however are trying to see where my patience ends, because I never react, I pick it up, and put on one of their desks. Anyway, I returned the favor. I hid it, but the fun of it for me is hiding it in a place where they will find it if they just keep living their lives, but so well hidden that they won´t think of it. So, I wrapped the shoe in a plastic bag and then put it inside a bag of frozen chicken wings one of the Elders had. You should have seen them go crazy looking for it. They looking everywhere for a a whole day. Then, I played hot and cold with them until they found it. Stupid game, but kind of funny.
  • Elder Gasiks bed gave out under him the other night, just randomly, a couple boards snapped.

The mission is full of stuff. I wish I had more time to write but I don´t,

The work goes on and I am incredibly happy. We are making progress and we are finally having our schedule filled for us without having to spend so much time digging for stuff to do because we don´t have planned lessons.

We have interviews with President on Wednesday and we are supposed to think of the question what is our vision for our lives? So I have spent considerable time thinking about it. I don´t know that I have a really good answer yet. I still really don´t have some grand vision for my life. I know what class of person I want to be (not reffering to money). It is just sort of a big idea, vision for my life. So I am sort of left hanging still. Oh well. I am putting it together piece by weird piece.
You will be happy to know that my journal is up to date, I brush my teeth two to three times a day, I have a clean and ordered room, I eat a reasonably well rounded diet (as in I will be round if I keep going 🙂 but at least there are more vegatables, and I am really obedient. Also, I stretch a lot more then I did before. All of my muscles are tight, I don´t know why.

Keep working hard in your lives, keeping working hard to apply the gospel in your life. Remember that I love you all,

Elder Caleb Isaac Tonkinson
Viña del Mar Mission
La Serena
The best and happiest place in the world

There are pictures from the baptism, of my shoes, my comp, elder gasic, elder groscost, the house we ate at on mothers day and the couple.

Also, quick request. Can you send me a picture of me as a child. No one believes that I had red hair. NO ONE. They just say that it is a little colored. Not True! Gracias

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