Mentally awake, physically exhausted!

Anyway. Without the help of questions or even comments, my weekly shpleel begins.

My body hasn´t been behaving recently.  It is really tired; I need more sleep then ever before. I have been doing stretches in the mornings because my back is a little twingy. The infection that I had by my eye in the MTC is returning. I have also put on about 7 pounds; however, that should go away very fast in other areas.  There just aren´t many hills in La Serena. Anyway, so my body is a little messed up right now, but I feel good in everything else.

  • Today we climbed cerro grande (big hill, or little mountain in reality). Which was okay I guess, but I had done it before and now I am just tired. However, the meeting that we had as a district on top of the mountain was very spiritually edifying. Therefore it was in the end worth the effort.
  • 4 investigators came to church this week. WHOOOO. No one has been coming and miraculously, two people that we hadn´t seen in weeks, in the church or otherwise, showed up. Tender mercies of the Lord. They all really enjoyed it and are excited for the next week. If we can, we want to get two more coming. That would be fantastic. This one guy looked around and said “I like it here, you can feel the Spirit here because there aren´t any images” (imagenes in español, like statues, things like from a catholic church) then he looked at us all serious “God doesn´t like images” 🙂 It was funny.
  • We found three families to start teaching. I don´t know much about them, but I am really excited to start teaching them. We have just had first lessons with them, but I love teaching families, so much more gratifying then just teaching singles.
  • Another family we are working with was really excited to come to church and an activity for the primary that there was; however, a close family friend died and they couldn´t. The first thing they said though was their desire to come the next time they could. It is always good to see a real desire and not a “Well, maybe, if it is convenient or if I don´t have other plans.”  I like commitment and energy.
  • Our golden family went to Santiago for two weeks, but when they get back on Monday work starts with them again and they are way fun. We have had some fantastic lessons with them.
  • I got to go visit a lady the other day whose son is on the mission in Argentina. None of his family are members, but It is cool to see how their faith is growing in seeing him on the mission. I am hopeful that someday in the future because of his example that the missionarys will have the opportunity to share with his family.
  • We made hamburgers over a fire outside of our apartment last week for the birthday of an Elder. Good day!

I am consistently shocked here in the mission by the daily things. Just the miracles that we see happen. They aren´t big. Few people just suddenly get better from sicknesses, or have their problems dissapear. But we see people that were never understanding before, suddenly have their eyes opened by the Spirit. Take for example a lady that got baptized recently. She didn´t get anything, didn´t understand it, couldn´t even just give a summary of it. However, with the Spirit she is always talking about it now, always making new connections and always expressing her thanks for the blessing that it has been. A real, noticeable, measurable change, for the better. Such a real and fantastic blessing to see take place in the life of someone else.

A whole family realizing the importance of Profets [I leave this rather than edit it because I enjoy seeing how he is getting lost in the language and forgetting his English] and of authority, in an instant. One of them got it and said like three words, domino effect. It just flew through the room. Touching down on each one of them as it struck them with power. What kind of miracles are there everyday that we just don´t notice?

Something interesting recently that I have noticed. I was happy before in the mission. Happy that I was doing all of the right things.  Satisfied with chance to share the gospel and excited to see changes.  However, I just feel a real joy in it now.  For that I am very thankful. [as our we.  “Men are that they might have joy.”  And joy comes through understanding God’s plan for us and the atonement of Jesus Christ.]

Well my time is up, sorry I don´t have more time to write today, there was a lot of stuff to do.
I have lots of pictures for next week, but my camera cord is in the pension and we don´t have time to go get it and come back. Thanks for all of the pictures. I am sorry I don´t have time to write back personally.

All of my love,
Elder Caleb Isaac Tonkinson

Elder Tonkinson

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