Step On the Nails

We saw that your new mission president is from Argentina, but that is all we know.  We would love to know more. [our question]

  • Alright. Ummmmm. I have a file on him
  • Federico Maximiliano Kahnlein, de 42 años, y Sabrina Tundidor Kahnlein, tienen cuatro hijos, son de Barrio Escobar, en Buenos Aires, Argentina estaca Escobar. El Hermano Kahnlein es un consejero en la presidencia de estaca y fue un secretario ejecutivo, anteriormente fue miembro del sumo consejo, presidente de  Hombres Jóvenes de Estaca, consejero de estaca, y presidente del Quórum de  Élderes, consultor de historia familiar, presidente de Hombres Jóvenes, fue consejero en un obispado y misionero en la misión del Tempe Arizona. Trabaja en el área de reuniones en las instalaciones del departamento comercial en la Zona Sur de América, en la corporación del Obispado Presidente. Nació en San Isidro, Buenos Aires Argentina. Área de reuniones de las instalaciones del departamento comercial de la Zona Sur de América del Sur, en  la Corporación del Obispo Presidente. Nacido en San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, de Werner Carlos En rique  Kahnlein  y Noelí Herbon.La Hermana Kahnlein sirve como  maestra de primaria, antes era presidenta de la Sociedad de Socorro y consejera, presidenta de Mujeres Jóvenes, una consejera en la presidencia de la Primaria, maestra de principios del Evangelio  y misionera en la Misión Argentina Neuquén. Nació en La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, de Federico Alejandro Tundidor y Cristina Tizzano. 
  • MARK!!!!! Can you translate all of this, I really dont have time to do it today? [Mark’s translation: Federico Maximilian Kahnlen (42) and Sabrina Tundidor Kahnlein have four children, and are from the Escobar Ward in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the Escobar Stake.  Brother Kahnlei is a counselor in the Stake Presidency and was the executive secretary, before than, he was a member of the High Counsel, Stake Young Men’s President, counselor in the bishopric, and missionary in the Tempe Arizona Mission.  He works in what I’m translating as commercial planning en The Southern Area of America for the Corporation of the presiding Bishop (My understanding of this is unclear- it sounds like as if he is part of development meetings- I don’t know if this is with the Church or not).
    He was born in Isidro, Buenos Aires Argentia to Werner Carlos Enrique Kahnlein and Noeli Herbon.  Sister Kahnlein serves as Primary President.  Beforehand she was Relief Society President and a counselor therein, Young Owmens president, couselor in the Primary Presidency, Gospel Principles teachers, and she served a mission in the Argentina Nequeuen mission.  She was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Frederico Alejandro Tundidor and Cristina Tizzano.]

Tell us two things you admire about your new companion.  [our question]

  • How excited he is, he has so much energy. And it has helped me lighten up a little bit.
  • His dedication to making sure that he understands the scriptures to better help the investigators. we have been playing scripture games recently in the nighttime.

Do you need us to send flea collars?  [our question, given the fleas in the pension he mentioned last week]

  • No it really isn’t very many. Also, they are bad for you

Do you need us to do some research on how to get rid of them? [our question]

  • It seems that they have left.

 Any more excitement this week?   [our question]

  • It was sort of a dumb situation in general. I fell through a roof. Here is what happened. We were requested by a family to help them re-roof. Having gone up on several roofs before, I

    The roof, no longer in need of repair, now in need of replacement.

    didn’t think anything of it. Step on the points where there are nails, especially where the support beams cross, don’t move too fast, and practice general precaution and everything goes okay. What we should have remembered and didn’t is that as missionarys we are protected. But we are protected because of obedience. Going up on a roof was probably not the greatest idea in the world, nor the safest service. The kind of the thing that the little white handbook [a pocket guide to help missionaries stay out of

    The roof that Caleb “helped” with.

    trouble] counsels against; the sort of thing that just slips the mind occasionally, especially when you are looking to help out abuelitos. The point is, that as I took a step, I stepped on a point, with a nail, on the board, one of the safest places to step and the board came unnailed and I went flying downward, breaking through ceiling tiles and ripping wires. Thankfully, I grabbed a cross beam on my way down and was able to catch myself before I fell uncontrolled to the floor. It was a rather crazy experience. That left me absolutely broken. Not speaking of bones, because the only damage was a couple scratches and some bruising in the hands. Broken in a sense of tired, the jolt of adrenaline was crazy and my body just had nothing for a while. However, I was protected; I didn’t break anything and I was able to work the rest of the day. It was a little crazy though.

  • We got invited into a house and started to teach before we realized that the guy was a little drunk. Talking about the gospel, or just life, with a drunk is a little bit interesting. He was crazy!!!!!! However, his wife was really, really, nice and we shared a bit with her. Here is just one of the crazy things that happened. He asked “So you guys should know the answer. What happened with Adam and Eve and the apple?” our response “The apple?” his response “!!!The apple!!! Do you guys want an apple?, !The apple! (jumping to his feet). I will bring them right away.” Trust me, it was super funny.

Other then those little locuras, everything else has been pretty much steady teaching this week. It is a lot of fun. We see a lot of little miracles. Investigators asking questions about tithing and having interest in paying it, when they don’t really have a lot of money to begin with. Taking the time to knock just a couple doors and finding several new investigators in just a couple minutes. Getting invited to go to the temple in Santiago :). The little branch has so few members that they need us.  So as long as we get permission the 19th, we are headed to Santiago.
Anyway, a quick end because I have to go. I am thankful for our nation. On the 4th I will take a quick moment to celebrate. I am thankful for all of you. I am even more thankful for the gospel.
With all of my love,

Elder Caleb Tonkinson
el tiempo se acabó [the time is up]

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