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So, on to questions (requests):
1) share something the Spirit has taught you recently as you have taught the gospel.

  • Revelation is being guided by the spirit, about what things to do, so that we might live as God would desire. 
  • The Lord loves us in all of our faults and he would like to bring us out of them
  • We share the gospel to help ourselves recognize what our failings in the Gospel are. 
  • In a lesson the other day, I realized that we were talking alot. It is an easy temptation. We were explaining the Gospel becuase they didn’t understand it. So I stopped talking for a second. Motioned to my companion to stop. and just waited. Then testified that what we had shared was true. I think it was literally two sentences that I said. They hadn’t understood anything that my companion or I had said. As I testified. They recieved to things. An understanding, and a testimony that it was true. We are not the teachers. That is the hardest thing to learn in the mission. Not in the sense that we don’t know it, it is just really hard to apply. We are never, ever, ever the teachers. The spirit will always teach. We will just talk.

2) How is your budgeting going?

  • I am doing well. I have a whole month saved up already. I never lack anything and have plenty for emergencies. I just buy carefully, and when things are on sale and don’t eat trash. My budget is fine.

3) What kind of challenges do your current investigators face?

  • We have an investigator that is getting over an addiction to alcohol. Little by litte he is finally leaving it behind. However. He gets scared sometimes of what life will be like wihtout anything at all. I am really just hoping and praying that he can take that step of faith.
  • One who is trying to find time to finish her thesis and listen to us. She is going to get baptized though. It will just probably be after her Thesis. She is going to be a leader though. So smart!!.
  • One who needs to get over a drug addiction, but has been an addict sense he was 13.
  • A teenager who needs to let go of pain that she holds onto based on the terrible situation that she has in the home. Because right now, to get rid of it, she just throws everything to the wind. Really good opportunity to talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • One, was living with her partner but not married. They seperated. She found us in the street to tell us. It was awesome. We are going to teach her today and plan her baptism. She has been meeting with missionaries off and on for a year now.
  • All of them need to read the Book of Mormon more 🙂 
  • A whole family, that is progressing just fine. They are always reading the scriptures. Ask fantastic questions, learn really well, but don’t come to church.
  • Then there are a couple who love to share with us, but lack time because they have to work crazy schedules to provide for their families

4) Tell us about a time this week when you particularly felt the love of the Lord.

  • As we were planning this week. We knelt in prayer to see if one of the plans we were making for one of our investigators were alright with the Lord. As we prayed, I felt that no it was not the right answer. As we talked about the things though, we received revelation about what we should do. The way it happened though was so simple, and it felt so sure. I definitely felt the Lord in that.

5) What is your favorite hymn to sing in Spanish? [Click on name to hear in Spanish]

I honestly don´t know where the time went. This week was a week of miracles and of crazy little things. I will write for five minutes what has happened and whatever I get out, I get out, but my time is almost up

  • I made two cakes this week. One for an activity and one just for Elder Ariza and I, and to share. The second cake is the one I sent pictures of. It was really good.
  • A man yelled at [to] us in the street. He had participated in the Church in the south before. We didn’t even have to go looking for him.
  • A drunk man got on the bus and said hello to us, told us he was Mormon and then started to rant, very loudly, how the Mormons were right, the Catholics were hypocrites, worshipped the cross and were terrible people, the Mormons were right and that we were all brothers. We tried to ignore him, but that made it worse. We didn’t want to cause a scene, or let the people think that we agreed with him. In the end , he almost punched a lady who told him to shut up and he was thrown off. We made it clear to the people around us that we did not agree and then continued on the ride
  • We had 14 people at our activity for the branch. Whoooooo!!!
  • We did not receive permission to go to the temple.
  • Elder Ariza and I made a video this morning to send to an activity in his stake. We just taught a quick 30 seconds about the Book of Mormon.
  • Then we filmed a discussion that we had about the spirit. It was way cool, and we had some questions answered as we did it.  We hope to make more videos. They are fun and a healthy way to entertain ourselves.  We are jokingly calling them the “The apostate discussions” because we are talking about things that aren’t one hundred percent doctrine but according to the scriptures could be.

I am doing well. We have to go. I love the Lord, I love the mission. I love you all.

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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