THE week!!

In a talk today, someone mentioned companionship inventory.  Do you do those? [Our question]

  • Of course we do, it is required. They are also really helpful.

If so, share with us something you learned from a recent companionship inventory.   [Our question]

  •  That it really has very little to do with your relationship as companions. Love for others is a commandment. Patience with imperfections is a commandment. Charity and Service are commandments. The whole point of the inventory is not really for us. Just that we, through the inventory, can come to a consensus in what things we need to do diferantly so that we can serve better and do the will of  the Lord.

What do you do to serve the branch [the small congregation where he is presently serving]?  [Our question]

  • All sorts of stuff. We prep the chapel for Sundays, we do cleaning, we plan activities and we try to visit and bring excitement to each of them.

How are you dressing these days and are you staying warm?  [Our question]

  • I dress like I always do. Pants, shirt, tie, plaque and in the evenings I wear a sweater or the shell of my jacket. It really isn’t that cold here right now.  And when it is cold it is kind of refreshing.  However I am keeping myself warm because there is a cold in the pension that won’t quit, and it has nothing to do with the temperature.  Elder Ariza and I have suffered from the cold for the past week. I have a pretty rough cough at the moment, but that is just life.

How are you sleeping?  [Our question]

  • I arrive exhausted every single night. So I am sleeping well. Really really well. My music puts me to sleep within 5-10 minutes

Serving in a branch, do you get many meals or do you have to make more of your own (or eat in the members restaurant)?  [Our question]

  • We always eat with members, although we eat in the restaurant about twice a week. Plus Chileans always have once (it is like tea time) and we are always given food in houses. I just eat breakfast in the pension

Tell us about something you have made a matter of prayer this week. [Our question]

  • The ability to see the necessity [I think he means needs] of the investigator and more conviction in my testimony. It has been a really marvelous week in that sense.  Our investigators progressed. We found some absolutely golden investigators and the teaching has been powerful! powerful, powerful. It is a shame this change is coming to an end and that Elder Ariza is leaving, or so we think. Anywho.  As I said, it has been a powerful week. With all our exhaustion, lots of meetings, a couple of setbacks and everything came out really well.

Allrighty so, lets share a little bit.
Monday was slow, we didn’t teach, didn’t find, felt sick and tired and I slept on p-day for the first time in my mission since the MTC. That was just exhaustion and it was a little disheartening. However, it was a day to just keep pressing on.

Tuesday we had zone meeting and a really good day planned. Everything failed! We spent the majority of the day on our feet just looking for people to share with and not really having any success. That is until 7:00.  At 7:00 we went to see an old investigator, a lady that had met with the missionarys about a year ago. However they had stopped coming. Anyway, we arrived and started a lesson with her. It really didn’t look like we were going to have any success. She was smoking when we got there and didn’t really appear to have any desire to stop.  So, we started to get to know her and to share a little bit of the Gospel with her. She is a really friendly person so the conversation opened up rapidly and we started talking about the spirit, repentance and of course baptism. We taught the necesity to be baptized to leave behind all of the weight of our sins and our mistakes. and she said “Wow, I feel like you are messengers sent from God”
We of course had to agree 🙂
 “See the thing is, I haven´t been baptized. What do I have to do to be baptized?”  WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is like the best question I have ever heard in my entire life!!!!  So, we of course told her a couple things and invited her to quit smoking. She still had about half of a lit cigerette in her hand and she threw it to the ground!!  It was pretty much a miracle. We are excited to see her progress

Wednesday was not so good. An investigator that has been progressing well for a long time told us that he had just been lying the whole time. That he liked having us around, and he liked going to church every once in a while but he really has no desire to be baptized and really doesn’t believe that much in God. Unless of course it is convenient in the moment for him. Anyway that was rough but that is just life sometimes.

Thursday. Good day. We were busy walking around and looking for new people to teach when we knocked on a door.  A young man came out.  He is 17.  We started to talk to him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  He stopped for a second and looked thoughtful so we asked what he was thinking “well” he said “I just never imagined that it really existed.  I always thought there should be other scriptures but I didn’t even know where to look.  Which is of course, exactly the message of Doctrine and Covenants 123:12  “For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—”  It was another small miracle and a fun lesson. We hope to of course see a lot of progress with him as well.

Thursday I was also pretty much dead with my cold but yeah whatever 🙂

Friday and Saturday were normal days and I don’t have time to write more about them.
Sunday was awesome.  Five of our investigators came to church. Which is a lot more then normal and we taught a lot of good lessons. However we returned early to the pension because elder Ariza is a walking zombie with his cold.

Today was fantastic. We played volleyball as a zone as our last activity of the change. It was fun, I like volleyball.

Quick observations.

  • The Lord is always pendent of our necessities, and if we obey the commandments we can have the assurance that he will fill them in their given time.
  • No matter how many times we ask for the same answer the Lord will give it to us if the desire is correct. Hence, I did the invitation with the Book of Mormon again. The result was fantastic. I would invite all of you to do it as well. [click here to view the invitation and associated promise]
  • The examples of history are valuable and there is power in applying them and using them to help us think.For example this quote has impacted me this week.  “I have desired after travelling for twenty-five or twenty-six years, mostly abroad, to stay at home and minister among the people of God, and take care of my family; but God´s will be done, and not mine. If it is the will of God that I should spend my days in proclaiming this Gospel and bearing my testimony of those things, I shall think myself highly privileged and honoured. And when the Spirit of God is upon me, I think it matters but very little what I suffer, what I sacrificed, whether I secure the honour or dishonour of men, or where I die, if it so be that I can keep the faith, fight the good fight, and finish my work with joy. I have all eternity before me, in which to enjoy myself.”-Parley P. Pratt
    I hope and pray that someday I might have that same conviction

take care of yourselves,

all of my love

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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