So little time

I have really little time to write today. For various reasons and things. But I will pack as much as I can into this email for the next 15 minutes and hope that you understand.

Life is nuts as a missionary.

What have you done on p-days recently?

  • I normally read while my companions sleep. Next pday we hope to have a fun zone or district activity and visit an old fort here. Sometimes I make slightly more delicious food and frequently I spend time trying to organize new ideas that we have to make the work go better. I hope to play a good game of soccer in the next couple weeks. I stretch and dribble a ball every single morning in exercise and just want to play. There really isn’t a whole lot of time for anything when there are lots of things to do. Like to day
  • We sent letters (30 minutes)
  • Went to a notary to get a paper signed for visas (30 minutes)
  • Wrote letters to president and printed things off (40 minutes)
  • Went to find a watch for Elder Powner (20 minutes)
  • Walked around to get to places (30 minutes)
  • Things just add up really fast.

Tell us about a struggle or challenge you have had recently.

  • I am tired and have a really bad cold. Other then that I think the biggest struggle I have had is trying to find time to get everything that I want to do, done. There are lots of things and with being a district leader and training all of my free time has gone. Like the other day. We gave talks in church and I had to spend an hour helping Elder Powner to translate his message. I am happy to do it but then I don’t have any more time.  Anyway, That is what today is for. I have a long list of things to do in the pension this afternoon. Although I want to make homeade pasta and therefore eat something truly delicious.

Tell us about a successful teaching moment.

  • We are prepping two people for baptism for the 2nd of September and one of them wasn’t really progressing. So we just planned to ask a lot of questions and figure out what was going on. In the end we just found out that she had gotten a little bit lazy in doing her reading. So we talked about the necessity of works according to our faith. She sat there for a minute thinking and then said “I am going to put in the batteries” Chilean saying.  After that she has been reading, praying and came to church without problems. Effective teaching changes. It went really well.
  • We also applied the same principle to another investigator and he started doing better as well.

Tell us something new related to food (like what your favorite is at the moment, something new you have come across, something unusual).

  • I am really lame. My favorite thing is a granola with fruit that they sell here. However as far as new goes.
  • They sell this thing called dulce de mora which is like a blackberry flavored thing.
  • There isnt a lot of crazy food.

You sent pictures of a food two weeks ago that looked horribly unhealthy.  What was that?

  • Mark [Elder Tonkinson’s older brother, who speculated on what it was] wins the prize. It is a completo with tomato, palta, ketchup and mayo. It was really really really gooooood.
  • But not healthy at all
  • The other thing was leche with platano

This week was wonderfully succesful. The attendance in the branch went up 15 and a whole bunch of less actives returned as well as 3 investigators. Our talks were a hit, and I was able to do two intercambios, and a baptismal interview. It rained for the first time in my mission. Elder Powner is getting used to things. The mission is wonderful. I love it. I love life. I have a lot to do but I am really happy and really content.

I don’t have any more time. I am sorry

I love you all. The fotos are us being gooners. We took them, printed them off and leave them with a note written on back to thank the members for lunch.

With all of my love

–Elder  Caleb Tonkinson

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