How to make miracles

Questions for the week:
What are typical questions and discussion items when you have meals with members?

  • How many are in the family?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What are you going to study?
  • What are the United States like?
  • How is the work?

How much money do you get per month and is it on a debit card?

  • We get about 200 a month and it is on a debit.
  • Then at the 21 we recieve more, depending on where we are. 
  • The difference I think is in the transportation. [the Elders in this area get $160] I believe the Elders in the US also have a gas card. [they do]

Uncle Chock is coming down again.  He leaves Saturday.  Is there anything you need?

  • Nope. I am doing just fine as I am. Don’t worry about a thing.

We are out of questions, so tell us whatever is on your mind.  


This week was really, really crazy.

  • Monday. That was a relatively normal day. We prepped and worked to get ready for the week. That night we got a call that on Wednesday, we would have interchanges with one of the asistants.
  • Tuesday. We taught and tried to fix lots of lessons for Wednesday because the whole point of intercambios is to learn from someone more experienced then you.
  • Wednesday. We had zone conference. But President and the asistants participated. It was a really good training. I feel like I learned a whole bunch. We also talked about the zone and what we would change so that we would have more baptisms in the next month, because we only baptized a little bit in the month of august. So, a pretty good day. Then we left to go work with Elder Pilcher. He was a machine. When we headed out to work, he just took over (he had worked in Parte Alta about 7 months before). He started out by asking the first person in the street that he saw if they would be baptized. I mean, not right away, he talked to them for a moment and then they accepted. It was pretty impressive though. He would go on to repeat that three times during the course of the day. We placed 10 copies of the Book of Mormon and found a new family to teach.
  • So that was a pretty crazy day. However, continuing on to Thursday . . .
  • Thursday, we met again with that family and all of them accepted a baptismal invitation. 
  • We recieved permission to baptize a younger child that we have been teaching. We found a whole bunch of new investigators
  • We went from having only one baptismal fecha to having eight and with several more to come very soon. 
  • I got an old copy of the Book of Mormon (in Spanish, from the 80´s) so it really isn’t that old, but is is way cool. It has a plastic front and doesn’t have the footnotes or anything. 
  • The members are getting way more excited to work with us and due to the efforts with less actives, attendance has gone up about 20 people in the last couple of weeks and we expect that it will continue to go up even more in the weeks to come.
  • I cut my own hair. It was a success by the way.
  • As did my companion. He however slipped a little and has a small, mostly bald spot next to his ear. whoops
  • The zone leaders took us out to lunch today, because we won a competition. The food was fine, but the best part were the Leches con platano. Bannanna Milk. So goooood. You should probably look it up and make it.

In general, I am doing well. However there is a whole lot of work to be done and it has been really exhausting recently. To combat the exhaustion, and avoid bad affects to my health, I am drinking a lot of water and taking about 1000 mg of vitamin C every day. As well as eating lots of fruit. I have been sleeping relatively well and am making sure to always dress warmly because neither I nor the work can really handle being sick right now.

I have been studying the Law of Chastity recently. There are so many people that just live together in Chile that it is sometimes really hard to teach them just on a general moral basis. So I have been working to profundicize my understanding of it so that I can teach it a lot better. There was a talk given by Elder Holland when he was at BYU. It is called “of Souls, Symbols and Sacraments.” It was very enlightening and it was very good to have it as background as we went in and taught one of our investigators about the Law of Chastity.
Other than that I love the work. I am way happy and working way hard.
I love you all. Sorry that I can’t go into more detail about things in my weekly emails. I am trying to keep good records in my journal so that when I get home I can really express what it is that has happened.
Take care of yourselves. You are always in my prayers.
Much love

Elder Tonkinson

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