La llamadita

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Tell us about the biggest challenge to overcome this week?

  • President called me on thursday in the middle of weekly planning to make me a zone leader. There was a lot of prep and I had to travel to Viña that night to go to a conference with the other Zone Leaders.  I didnt have anytime to say goodbye to anyone and La Serena is one of the biggest zones (in area and in missionaries) in the Mision. The zone is also very young and president has expressed high expectations.
  • I was assigned to La Serena. 🙂 Super good to be back. I am in the same ward. Just a different sector. It has been an adventure.

Share something from your gospel study this week?

  • Romans 3:3, we had an investigator that was really doubtful
  •  For what if some did not believe? shall their aunbelief make the faith of God without effect?
  • Doubt does not change truth.

Tell us three things you appreciate about your companion.

  • Elder Ascanio. He was in the MTC with me. We started on the same day, talked to each other on the first day. Talked a lot in the MTC. He left 6 weeks earlier because he already speaks Spanish, and also we were in the same Mission Prep class in BYU. We were really good friends before we were companions, and it has been way fun the last couple days to work together. It was a huge surprise.
  • We see eye to eye on just about everything.
  • He has a very genuine love for a whole lot of people.

Tell us something you appreciate about the United States that you did not realize before this time outside the country.

  • Absolute freedom. Or mostly absolute. Here in Chile there are a couple smaller, not to horribly infringements on personal rights. However I can see a great difference in life without these rights. I am thankful for them.

Do you ever eat ice cream?

  • I bought ice cream yesterday.  I buy it every once in a while. I really love it, but we eat enough fat already and there are not a whole lot of great brands here.

Share anything else you have time to tell us.

Alright so this week was crazy. I got a call and in 8 hours was outside of Parte Alta and didn’t return. That was nuts. Things had just really picked up in the area, and there are really fantastic families that we had just found and started teaching. We worked out a couple of kinks in the ward / missionary relationship, and there was just a whole lot of excitement to do the work. However, all of that aside I love it here in La Serena. I am back in the same pension and arrived just in time to say goodbye to Elder Anderson my old companion. He went home today. It was incredible to see how a lot of the seeds that we planted got baptized or are about to be baptized.

There are so many other incredible stories but I really don’t have a whole lot of time left to write anything. We, unfortunately, had a whole lot of stuff to do and are traveling to Viña again tonight. I am super tired so hopefully there weren’t to many typos.

I love you all and hope that you can recognize the amazing gift of grace that God has given us through the atonement.

Les amo

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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