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Make sure you share some about your responsibilities as a zone leader.   Is that a call that you and your companion have together?
It is an assignment that me and my companion have together. It is a joint effort in every sense of the word. There are a bunch of new things to do but I am getting it all down and we are streamlining the effort a little bit so that everything works well together

If so, how do responsibilities get divided/shared?
They get shared, they really don´t get divided. We work together. A lot of it is practically new for Elder Ascanio also.  We both do intercambios, calls, get numbers, do interviews, exchanges and have to administir the zone. We do have the largest zone in the mission at the moment.

How was your second trip to Vina?
It was fantastic. The reunion was good. we actually slept on the bus, and we were able to get some good work done there. We went to have a meeting with the leadership of the mission and with Elder Viñas of the area presidency. However we had until two to work. So we had an important meeting with our district leaders and then work.
We found a lady in the street that was super great. We talked to her for a moment found her necesity.  Applied baptism to her necesity and then she asked a golden question “What do I have to do to be baptized?” So we told her and put a baptismal goal with her and the sent her information to the Elders in Viña. Genial.  We would go on to repeat that process at two other points of the day. They were both great experiences.

How often will you be going there?
At the very least once a month for Consejo (meeting with president and the zone leaders)
In October twice. Once for consejo and once when President Oaks comes (exact date not known). It is going to be way awesome.
I will get used to the travel though. And when, if ever, I leave the north of the mission the trip is a lot shorter. However, I am really not complaining. I love it here, although it is weird having the same bishop again.

How often will you be doing exchanges?
About the same as I did as a district leader. Once or twice a week. This week two because we need to.

Alright. Some cool experiences from the week. Starting with last night.
We passed a house where a man was playing the piano and my companion felt impressed to knock the door and to share wth him. So we knocked. He came out and said hi. We commented how we had heard the piano and had some songs we would love to share with him. He let us in right away and played “The profets Prayer” (I cant remember the name in english “oh how lovely was the morning…” that one). as we sang. Then his family came out and wanted to sing. Then more of his family arrived and we sang “Nearer my God to thee” With the entire family. It was a way special experience as we sang. We talked to them about their beliefs in God. They had lots of pictures of Christ hanging up and a giant bible on the table. They talked of their love of reading the scriptures together and so we presented the Book of Mormon. Then the husband (who touches the piano) asked us this
“What can I learn from this book that I couldnt learn in the new testament?”
So we left him with 2 nephi 31 and Matthew 3. One of which explains the other. It was genius. We are hoping to see lots of progress.

Elder Viñas talked to us about the vision of the area presidency. He wants the investigators to be integrated in the Church before they are baptized. They also desire 30% more baptisms and a higher rate of retention. So we talked about the need to work harder. My companion and I are working hard. The only thing to do is get better at our effectiveness. I am thankful for our efforts though becuase were it not for our efforts we would have to feel the guilt of not having worked.

Yesterday I had a really special experience. We had to give talks. So I talked about the importance of Mission work from a keeping your covenants standpoint. However the special part was in the end. I know that as we bear testimony that our testimonies get stronger. So it was a powerful experience as I bore testimony of the realidad of the first vision. I literally recieved a stronger testimony of it as I bore my testimony.

The mother of a family of 7 that we have been teaching recently is a very hardened women. She had become very good FRIENDS of missionarys in Santiago and didn’t want to listen to us. We had an incredible lesson about the Atonement. Mantained the proper relation between investigator and missionary and got her to read a scripture. Something that she ahd never done before.
There are a million more but time has gone flying by once again.
I love you all very much
take care of yourselves

Elder Tonkinson

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