No time

What is the biggest challenge of your new responsibilities?

  • When people ask for answers that I don’t have. I love it; it is a way good experience and I am growing a lot. The challenge really is not always having the answer.
  • Also having a personal standard of excellence and not reaching it

What are some of the blessing you have seen in this service?

  • A better understanding of Ether 12:27 …if men come unto I will show them their weakness…
  • More patience
  • Love for all of the missionarys in the zone
  • a very good chance to learn and to apply.

How much sleep are you averaging a night?

  • 7 hours. I fall asleep about 11:40 and wake up at about 6:40. I have tons of energy though. I eat a whole ton now.
  • I work to hard to not sleep. I go and go until it is the moment to sleep and then I spend a couple minutes (20) relaxing my thoughts and then I am out.

Now that the winter is coming to a close was there much difference in the food you ate in the summer as opposed to what you ate in the winter?

  • I ate an artichoke this week. It was a crazy experience. I never knew how to eat one before. They aren’t nearly as bad as I would have thought before. Yes, there is a little difference in foods.

What have you prayed the most about this week?

  • strength for when I am tired
  • Guidance for when I don’t know what to do
  • forgiveness for when I need to be better

What personal goal are you working on right now?

  • My salvation…. haha
  • umm
  • Elder Bednar spoke while I was in the MTC about obtaining the character of Christ. Therefore I am prepping for conference with that question in mind. I cannot wait to have my mind blown revelation. [Editors Note: General conference is a weekend of broadcasts from Salt Lake City featuring talks by leaders of the Church, ten hours in all.  General conference is held on the first Sunday and the preceding Saturday of every April and October. It can be watched live or later here.]

Do you know how lucky you are?  (dr suess)

  • I am well aware 🙂

There is really very little time to write anything else.

This week we have seen several miracles and had several incredible lessons. It was also the week of the national holidays (chilean independence)- So there was a lot of walking on the 18 and 19.

If I had more time to write I would but I don’t. There are a lot of informes (I forgot the inglesh word). So we are getting slowly faster at doing them.

I love you all and pray for you every night.

con amor

Elder Tonkinson

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