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As it is your birthday [October 2], what flavor of gelato would you like us to make and eat on your behalf?
Raspberry, and then a creamy vanilla. En memoria de Roma.
I went to Vicuña, one of the small branches en the stake. I ate raspberry and cream over there. It was good, but not nearly as good as gelato.
Time, just dies, all of the time. There is never enough and I cant believe how fast that it goes.

What type of cake or dessert?
creme brulee.
I am going eat lemon pie.

The way I am going to celebrate my birthday is
cookies and cream ice cream
chips with cheese salsa 🙂
lemon pie
and having a zone meeting
then working my tail off!!

As for mail or packages or whatever, I will recieve on Friday when we travel 7 hours in bus back to viña for Consejo. Therefore Thursday and Friday night will be very rough nights of sleep. So don´t worry about those kinds of things. I shall receive them soon enough. I also find the more and more I get immersed in the work, the less and less I think about anything outside of it.

With how pushed you have been for time, this week just tell us what is on your mind and what is most important to you.

We have some really incredible investigators right now. Just insanely smart, they read, they understand, they mark the books. The lessons are literally exhausting and they take a lot of prep, because these people understand what we are really saying: that there is only one true church; that because there is only one, there is only one baptism; and that baptism is a commitment of much more then a couple of seconds in the water. It has been a pleasure teaching them and watching them realize what is true.

I studied about sacrifice the other day. Really fantastic study. One of the things that struck me is this: The need for sacrifice comes from sin, or that would be disobedience. Therefore, obedience takes away the need of sacrifice for sin. However, obedience in and of itself is a sacrifice of our will. It is all connected. I hope you all understood that.

I also studied the atonement and the plan of salvation a lot (There is a series of articles about the atonement that were written by Hugh Nibley some years ago). They are fantastic for understanding better the simbology of the atonement. I couldnt find the link. There are 4 parts.

I had the chance to do a couple of baptismal interviews this week. I asked one of them what it meant to them that there is a profet here on the earth ,and this is what they told me “It means that there is a living witness of God and Jesus Christ.”  Such a simple clear statement. I loved it and have had it playing in my mind all week.

We taught a lady this week named Elizabeth. She is an english teacher here, so we taught half in english and half in spanish. It was cool.

This weekend three investigators that I have taught, were baptized!!! When I say taught, I mean I prepped them for baptism.

It is a joy working. I love you all
Enjoy life, Christ died so that we could.
All my love,

–Elder Tonkinson

PS Nathan, don’t crash the car 🙂 Your the best [Nathan is Caleb’s younger brother and he just got his learner’s permit]

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