Too Busy for a Title

I have included the weekly questions from home and three questions that Brother Taylor (Jed) sent me.

If there is something you wish that you would have known before you had left on your mission what is it.

  • How to look for and recieve revelation. It is not an easy skill and although the environment of the mission makes it easier to learn and the process is faster, it is still very hard and takes a lot of work to develop

What do you love most about serving The Lord in the mission field?

  • The complete lack of distractions. Although my thoughts ocassionaly drift to some memory or some “I wonder what that is going to be like?” question, Almost all of my time and energy is absorbed in other things. There just arent impertinent themes. It is nice to not have to preocupy myself with anything

With the change in the age limit for missions, what would you recommend to the priests since all of you either got a year of school in or spent some hillbilly time on a farm.  Would you leave right after high school now, given the choice?

  • I don’t honestly know. There was some valuable maturing that happened when I went to college. The point however doesn’t have anything to do with whether I desire personally to do it or not. It isn’t based on my thoughts or desires. The Lord has asked and approved it. I don’t see any thing that would detain me from doing it.

Do they celebrate Columbus day in Chile?

  • That I know of, no

Have you had your General Authority mission tour?

  • No, Elder Oaks will be here Saturday. So on Friday night we travel to Viña…again… Then we will be having a two and a half hour meeting with him, part of which will be a question and answer session. I am quite excited for it, although I have not as of yet come up with a question that is ready. However, I fully expect to have a good one prepared for when he comes.
  • There is a little piece of bonus information though. Due to the traveling, we are going to [do] changes early. Therefore, tomorrow we are going to recieve notification of the changes in the morning. We do calls to the missionaries in the nightime and then Thursday everbody heads off to where they need to be. It is going to be fantastic. You may ask why. The thing is that to avoid the normal distraction that people have. We haven’t announced that people are going to recieve their calls. Therefore, when we call with changes, it should be a complete surprise. 🙂

Most difficult question you were asked this week?

  • I don’t remember. The thing about hard questions is that normally we just divert them into the real questions  such as
  • Is the Book of Mormon true?
  • Is there a living profet on the earth?
  • How does the Spirit answer prayers?
  • So I never really end up looking into the questions that people do. However, this week we

Share something you have learned from your scripture study recently.

  • Alma 31: 38 And the Lord provided for them that they should hunger not, neither should they thirst; yea, and he also gave them strength, that they should suffer no manner of aafflictions, save it were swallowed up in the joy of Christ. Now this was according to the prayer of Alma; and this because he prayed in bfaith.
  • The thing in this scripture is that it does not say that they did not suffer afflictions, just that the aflictions were swallowed up in the joy of Christ  – We of course have afflictions in life. The thing is that they are going to go away, just that we will be able to support them. Another manifestation of the doctrine of Grace.
  • I was also suprised in Chapter 30 of Alma how the organization of the land is like that of a stake. They took Korihor to High Priest (bishop) and then to the High Priest over all the Land (Stake President). The Church never changes. 🙂
  • also
  •  Romans 3: 3 For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?
  • I love this question. When somebody tells us that they don’t believe us or that that is just “our truth”. First I think it is sad, and then I remember this scripture. Their doubt doesn’t mean anything. The fact that they think it is wrong is about as important as when I was a kid and wanted to call my feet, hands and my hands, feet. I can protest all I want but it doesn’t change the truth. They can as well. But it is about as effective as hitting your head against a brick wall. The only thing that changes it the shape and health of your head and your brain.

Do you and your companion speak English or Spanish when you are alone in the apartment?

  • We are not alone in the apartment but we talk mainly in Spanish unless it is a sensitive subject

Dad and I are remembering thing differently what is your apartment situation right now?

  • I live in the same apartment as I did before. There are four of us in the apartment. We have done a lot of fixing up in it and it looks a lot more like a home now. We even planted grass. In the last couple weeks we have also taken out like 10 generations of junk that missionarys have left.

How many missionaries, same apt as the last time you were in La Serena?

  • refer to above answer.

This week has been a powerful one. In many different ways. From a perspective of the work it has been very very hard. Several of our progressing investigators left town and a couple of them gave into outside temptation and pressure, negated what they had felt and asked that we stopped coming by. We have been working so hard to rebuild a sector that had had the same investigators for so long that seeing that happen hurt us a lot. However, we pressed on and have been able to see progress. We are leaving it a lot better then we found it. We also don’t think that either of us are leaving. We hope to stay together for a while.

We also had a couple very good teaching experiences.

  • We visited a lady who has been bringing her whole family to church minus her husband who doesn’t want to assist right now. They are converts of about 2 years who got sealed in the temple. They had a really big trial that hurt them for a while. We asked the Hermana what it was that gave her the strength to keep going.
  • She answered “my testimony” then she said ” I have asked myself a lot recently where I have my testimony. We always talk about it being in the heart, but the heart is week, the heart tricks us, it leaves our control, it goes to another, the heart is imperfect and in the end it dies. I can´t rely on my heart.  So where is it, and I thought, my testimony is in the marrow of my bones. Where else could it be. Already, that my heart has been twisted and broken where else can it be? When we die, the marrow stays in our bones and everything else decays. My testimony is there”
  • It was a super strong experience, a very edifying experience. One of the experiences that just makes a bad day good

I have a couple more emails to answer that I havent had time to. I hope that this has been suficient.

All of my love.

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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