The Will of God

Question:  Will have a regular p-day next Monday with it being Christmas Eve?

  • According to my understanding it should be the same. They haven’t changed anything.

Are you getting any exercise?

  • Every morning. I lift weights and I try to go running every once in a while or I jump rope. I also do lots of flexibility. I can touch my toes easily now.

If you had to describe the purpose of a mission in one word what word would you choose?

  • Progress

Share one disappointment from your week and

  • We had an investigator that was doing really well and then didn’t come to church
  • we had two investigators tell us that they didn’t want anymore

three things that brought you joy this week.

  • A whole family of less actives is now totally active and the parents called to callings on Sunday.
  • We had a 10-minute lesson with a man on Saturday night and he came to church on Sunday morning. That doesn’t happen normally. Now we are praying that he doesn’t leave town the 19th like he has planned.
  • A father of one of the investigators of las hermanas who wouldn’t let his son get baptized even though his son goes to all of the activities, all of the classes and seminary, had a change of heart. He is going to let his son get baptized now, after 4 months of saying no no no. It was a reminder that it isn’t us that work the miracles
  • Wearing a Christmas hat at night time.
  • I wrote in my journal every night.
  • A recent convert gave a talk in Church 🙂

Share whatever is on your mind.
Well first of all. We still haven’t looked at the exact time that we are going to call so I guess I will be telling you the 24. I would imagine that it will be in the afternoon. Sorry that I didn’t get it done this week. It is just that it really didn’t come to my mind and I forgot to take care of it. I look forward to being able to share with you all for 40 minutes. Once again feel free to plan how it is that you want to occupy the time. If you want to do one for one. If you want to prepare questions. If you want anything in particular. Just include it in your email and have it ready. I am good for whatever, it is just nice to see and speak to you all face to face.
Anyway, other than that there isn’t a whole ton on my mind. I am content, in peace, beating my weaknesses, little by little. I have come to better understand HOW to accept the will of God.
I think that one of the things that I come to value more and more every day is the immensity of the sacrifice of Christ. It makes the time of year that is Christmas, more and more valuable.
The other day we taught a lesson to a man. We taught about the light of Christ, of its influence and of the gift that it is. Many times the people understand what we are talking about, but it is a while until they really feel it. As we left, he offered to drive us home. It was already relatively late so we accepted. In the car ride he expressed how he had felt recently the light of Christ. It was a great experience to see him feel it and to recognize it and even more that he followed it.

My dear family, I love you and hope that in this Christmas season you can feel and follow the light of Christ.
With all my love

Elder Tonkinson
I will send pictures next week.
A great video from

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