What did they do at Church today (anything special)?

  • No there really wasn’t anything. On Saturday we had a ward Christmas breakfast. That was good.

Have you noticed any Christmas traditions specific to Chile (or more pronounced there)?

  • They eat a lot of fruitcake… I am honestly not a big fan .
  • They open presents the 24 in the nighttime.
  • They are just as commercialized as we are

Were you invited to members’ homes tonight and tomorrow?

  • Lots and lots, It is actually almost a problem. Because unlike at home where they can come and if they have something we let them go, here the expectation is that you stay the whole time.
  • We have it solved but I wish there was a better way to help the members understand.

What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

  • Christmas eve we are going to have dinner and a family home evening.
  • I also plan on buying the stuff to make something that is close to ham rolls and also to make Toffee.
  • We have a meeting in the morning. We are going to buy a cake or something to celebrate. Share some spiritual messages about Christmas.
  • We have the phone calls to you all 🙂
  • We have a couple of important lessons for people that are going to get baptized.
  • We are going to visit a lot of members to sing them songs.
  • It should just be a good day in general. It will be a little more relaxed then the normal

Do you have anything specific you would like to talk about when we talk?

  • I have thought about the call and it is really to be able to hear your voices and see your faces.
  • I want to know what goals you have for the New Year and just see what you have all learned.  Other then that I am fine with whatever

Share what is on your mind.
It has been a good week. I am thankful more then anything. We had a conference with a couple zones here in the mission and sang songs, watched the Christmas devotional and acted out parts of the Book of Mormon. I realized how little material things matter. It is Christmas Eve and I have little anticipation about gifts, about materials, nothing. I am just happy for the spirit that is in the air. Christmas has always been something special in the house and I am surprised to find that apart from the miles, the differences, the weather, the lack of pesebres, Christmas trees and lots of presents. It is the same. It in and of itself is still here. I am thankful for that and more than anything very thankful for the blessings of Christmas.
I will see you tomorrow.
I love you all
Merry Christmas,

Elder Caleb Tonkinson
Sorry that this was short 🙂

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