It is a New Year

DSC06124 DSC06131 DSC06139 DSC06140 DSC06145Questions of the week:

We are interested in what New Year’s traditions the Chileans have and what you will be doing New Year’s Eve.

  • They have fireworks like we do
  • They do a thing where they dress up a scarecrow type of thing in old clothes and then burn it to leave behind the old part
  • They drink a lot…lots. Just like we saw vineyards in Spain they have them here. So they drink a TOOOONNNN of wine.
  • They eat 12 grapes all at the same time to represent the 12 months
  • They wear yellow underwear because it supposedly brings luck
  • They go around a block carrying a suitcase so that they can have the luck to travel during the year

Share two or three highlights from last year as you look back and two or three goals for the coming year

  • Highlights
  • This last week we had a miracle. We started teaching an investigator on Sunday. We taught them every single day for the whole week. They had their baptismal interview on Friday, baptism on Saturday and confirmation on Sunday. It was incredible to see the changes and how incredibly fast she received and followed her answer.
  • When Elder Oaks came and spoke to the mission was definitely one of the highlights of the year. It is always incredible not so much to hear their words but to feel their presence and know that they are apostles.
  • The MTC. That was a good experience. Super hard but I learned a lot. A whole lot. It was like experiencing growing pains and then realizing how much higher you could reach because you had suffered them.
  • Learning to like foods that I did not like before. Just so that you can have it in mind. Almonds, Avocados, Peanuts, other types of nuts. Tomatoes.
  • Goals for the new year
  • Learn more vocabulary
  • Be less proud. Even after a year of working on it, it is still really hard. My form of pride has changed but it is still present and I need to kill it off. As President Benson says “It is the great stumbling block to Zion” and I can see how it affects my progress
  • I want to get better about writing letters to people on P-day. I really have not written very much during the mission. P-day always just disappears.
  • I want to get better in my general eating habits (they are not terrible but they are also not great)

Tell us about your week.

The mission had 825 baptisms during the year and 100 in this last month. Our zone baptized 17 during the month. So we did way good. I am a little preoccupied for the month of January because there are not a whole bunch of investigators but I think we will be alright. I also want to make sure that everybody is retained well and that we don’t lose them. Because that would not be cool.

It was great; I can’t complain. For tonight I think we are going to pass it together the 4 of us as missionaries in the house. Eating food and watching fireworks from outside. We have permission to be out till 12:30 and then in bed at 1.

I am doing just great. Today we are going to relax a little bit for a day and then hit it hard tomorrow but it has been a long month and we are headed to Viña on Friday for Consejo.

I don’t have anything else to say.

I love you, Abrazos

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

I will complete one year in the mission field this week on Friday. I am looking forward to it, I will pass that year mark in the same pension that I started in. This makes 10 and a half months here in La Serena in the same ward 🙂

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