Dear Family,

They finally saw it fit to take me out of La Serena. Although I pretty much expected it at this point, it was pretty tiring. They told us Saturday Morning. Therefore the majority of Saturday was spent saying goodbye to people and packing. For our zone in La Serena, there were a whole bunch of changes. About half of the Zone had changes.  Almost all of them were assigned to do new things, such as train or be district leaders.  Then the bus was supposed to leave at 3:30 on Monday morning to be in Viña for a reunion at 10:30 but the bus got delayed and arrived at 5 in the morning.  Between 5 and 7 I was able to sleep and then it was so hot inside the bus that I felt like I was in a sauna and could not sleep a wink.  We arrived in Viña at about 11:30.  There we were told our changes and headed out with our companions

For my part I was sent to the Zone of Achupallas with Elder Gatica, a Chilean. Achupallas is really close to Viña del mar and is actually just considered like a sector of Viña. Elder Gatica is great. We got up this morning and went and played soccer for exercise. Something that they do every day of the week 🙂 I am not complaining at all. I will take some photos of things during this week.

I was able to get quickly unpacked and then we working the whole day.

Achupallas in general is a poorer par them La Serena. IT also rains here every once in a while. In general I am really excited to be able to be here. It gave me a lot of energy to be able to change from area. It always does. Anyway. Due to an informe that we had to do all of my time is up but next week I will write more. 🙂

Thank you for your love and support.

Elder Tonkinson

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