Questions…. Hmmm  we have lots as this is a new area and companion, but we will try to keep it manageable.

What are you doing for service right now and what do you do to serve your companion?

  • Make his breakfast
  • Make his bead
  • Shine his shoes
  • Teach him English (one of his goals) although he talks pretty well
  • We just enjoy ourselves, we get along really well.

What does your companion think of your Spanish?

  • When I talk fast he doesn’t understand me. Becuase I lose pronunciation. But it is something that we are practicing.
  • Other than that he is helping me learn how to speak with an accent. So I think I should get one here soon

What is something you love about your new area?

  • The people are a little more receptive. Well, they are more willing to believe. In general, the same number of people accept but it is easier to be excited because practically everyone we talk to is at least willing to let us pass by.
  • There is rain!!! woooo
  • I have already played more soccer here in Achupalls then I had played in all of my mission. And I am getting considerable better and in more shape
  • Things are cheap. It isn’t as expensive as La Serena.

How is it different from your old area?

  • Price
  • It is close to the office of the mission to get materials
  • There are not colectivos, we walk everywhere
  • There are hills (the last two together, have made it a very tiring week, my legs are super beat)

Tell  us all you can about the challenges and joys of mission life.

  • I just want to write joys because almost all of my time is up (The computer here is really slow and so things that normally take no time at all)
  • I think the greatest joy that there is in missionary work is when there is the change in someone. Not the change that they come to church, nor that they read the scriptures. For surely those are changes that can be created for a moment. People sometimes do them as if it were homework. No, there is joy when suddenly there is a light in their eyes and the people recieve the vision and want to work and serve.
  • That is the best and it is even better when a missionary that maybe hasn’t understood it before, understands it

Lots of love

Elder Tonkinson

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