the week

Dear Family,

Lets see what happens.

As there are not any questions I am going to see if I can organize my thoughts.

This week was good. For one I know my sector and the members and the investigators a little bit better so I can really participate in the planning and the teaching of the investigators. It is interesting how much it affects one in the work when they do not know the sector. It opens things up a little bit, you just sort of talk according to what you feel and you can’t base it on prior knowledge. Therefore it has been a great experience of teaching just by the spirit.

During the week I had the chance to do an intercambio with Elder Powner (The elder that I trained) and we went to teach one of their investigators. During the lesson we just talked with her about how answers come to us by the spirit (using the scripture in  2 nephi 28:30) and she was able to recognize that she really did know that the church was true. When we finished the lesson she recognized the need she had to be baptized but that she had lots of things that needed to change and that it was going to be a challenge for her. I really had no idea what challenges she was talking about in particular and our time had run out but I felt the impression to leave a chapter in particular, I for the life of me cannot remember what chapter it was (actually I just remembered Mosiah 5) and she promised to read it. The next day Elder De Carlo called me and said that he had just talked with her and that she had read. When she read the chapter she felt a weight on her conscious and stopped doing like half of the things immediately. That would be she stopped having desires to do them. That was an incredible moment where I felt inspired by the spirit and could see the result.

For other part, as I have changed from another zone and am with different Elders I continually recognize that the Lord frequently puts us in positions of leadership to teach us specific weaknesses that we have. I have learned a couple lessons these last weeks that I only learned because someone pointed them out to me using specific examples based on things that I had done as their leader. They weren’t things that I did with consciousness nor bad intent but they were powerful lessons to me of the need to always be humble. I feel that I have since then learned lots about the proper way to correct someone.

This week we also had interviews with President. They were pretty normal, although he pretty much told us that they are going to kick us out of our sector at the end of the change to put hermanas. But that is good. Other then that we just talked, I am not overly stressed at the moment. I am much more organized then I was at the beginning of the mission so I do a lot more with a lot less stress.

Ah, I was going to say. Mom, you had said sorry about that I was not going to return to Illinois. Dont worry about it; I am excited for the new learning experiences for the family more than anything. It should be fun and interesting to live in another part of the country. I remember fondly (now that is, because before I didn’t) the move that we did from Virginia to Illinois. the changes in friends, and culture and weather. The trip to go house hunting, driving home in driving rain and trying to prepare all of the things. So I am sure while this change will be just as crazy, hectic and in some moments painful, that in the end the fruits will be the very same.

Time is always flying by here in the mission.  I wish it would freeze for a second so that I could experience it a little more slowly, but that will never happen.

– I am remembering a little more how to play soccer : we play at the church on a concrete court, I use my indoor shoes.

– I am learning to cook chilean food from my comp whose family has a restaurant or better said a pastry shop 🙂 yum

– We are working with a whole bunch of great people

– I am happy

I am going to try and reply personally to a few emails.

with all my love

Elder Tonkinson

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