The importance of a little rest


Share what brought you the most joy this week

One thing that I love is that when you really look to apply the gopsel to the lives of people and then they understand what you are telling them, there is an incredible change in their face. This week as we shared with one of our investigators he showed some doubt. He shared with us that he was thinking of stopping his investigation of the church. However, as we shared about the church of Jesus Christ in his time and of the Apostasy and he looked at us and said. “I guess I really should ask God about it”

and what was your biggest challenge this week.

We were teaching two people that were going to be baptized on Sunday but they went out of town.

The water got cut in the stake, so a couple of the wards couldn’t have the baptisms that they were going to have.

I got stressed in general, didn’t sleep well and was tired. However I am okay now.

Tell us about everything else/whatever is on your mind.

I dont know where the time went, Somehow, I just ran out of time. This has to be the shortest letter I have ever written.

I want you to know that I love you and have you in my prayers.  I WILL make time to write more next week and I WILL have my camer charged to send fotos.

With all my love

Elder Tonkinson

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One Response to The importance of a little rest

  1. Do not be disheartened. God will give you the strength you need. We are now writing to Elder Andrew allan, and sister Joanna Allan. they are just getting Started on their mission in California, but you most likely already know that. We got lots of snow a few days ago , but its already melt off. We are starting to see birds and such here, Spring will be here in a few weeks, we hope. It will be time to plant by mid April. Take care, and God bless you, the Osborn’s

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