I love this place

Questions :

Did you fix or find new shoes? Yes I found them :)…… In a shoe store. Hahaha (that was really dry)

Share something you have learned from a recent trial.

  • A recent trial… I have learned recently that trials are normally from the way that one looks at them. But I will do it
  • the companion that I currently have ( is not a trial) has been here for 6 months. So he knows every one very well and they all know him very well. Therefore it has been a trial trying to get the people to listen to what I have to say. For their nature, they look to my companion for the answers becuase they already know him and have a lot of confidence in him. That is very hard, it kills ones pride very fast.
  • For example, the other day we shared with a recent convert from about 2 months ago, before I got here. We shared with her a scripture and I shared a thought and gave her a suggestion for what she could do. She thought about it and then asked my companion what he thought. He answered the same as I did. and actually said “I agree with my companion” and then basically repeated my answer. However the reaction was completely different. “Oh that is a great idea, I am going to do it.”
  • Now when one really thinks about it, what does it really matter if it was my suggestion or the suggestion of my companion? If we are truly working with the Spirit, are they not then the suggestions of God and not our own? Why should we really care? So due to a recent trial I learned to be more humble.

Something you have grown to love about the Chilean people.

  • It doesn’t matter who they are, or how much they have. Almost always if you arrive in time for “tea time” they are going to share. They are very loving.
  • One thing in general about the Chileans is that they have lots of sayings that are just ridiculous
  • Al tiro  = at the gunshot = right away
  • nada que ver = nothing to see = you are crazy, that’s crazy, or lies
  • pavo = turkey = forgetful
  • Chanchito = little pig = term of endearment

They make me laugh and they are fun to translate

Tell us about your week.

It was a fantastic week. On Thursday we had a huge family home evening with a bunch of investigators and members. It was awesome. We gave a quick lesson about how to do a Family home evening and bring the spirit more into the home and then we played games. It was way good. 15 investigators came and just so you know that is a bunch. We have been way blessed recently.

We are teaching a young couple that are progressing super fast. Although we need to go and take out a date so that they can get married. We have been teaching for about a week and the other day a less active, or that would be inactive said some things to her. Super ugly things about the church and members and other things. However, she said to us that although it bothered her that she liked way more how she felt in the church then what they Sister had said.

There have been lots of miracles this week. Miracles that I would rather tell in person. The Lord is in charge of His work.

I love you

Elder Tonkinson

Mosiah 5:13 

My new comp is coming Wednesday. I have no idea who it is.

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