El Mirador

Tell us a little about your teaching pool.

  • Incredibly blessed
  • The daughter of an inactive member who has changed everything up to her style of dress as she has started coming to church. I think that the most incredible effect of the teachings of the Gospel comes in the lives of young people who didn’t live the principles before. Because it generally creates a huge difference in their friends, the things they do and the way they do them.
  • A young couple that needs to get married. Typically she is much more convinced of it then he is. She reads the scriptures every day and was the first to ask us what things she needed to do to be baptized. If it were for her she would already be baptized and serving in a calling but it takes two to tango, or to get married, and they already have a child so seperating isnt a great option. Incredibly we have only been teaching them 2 weeks at best and they are considering getting married (or that would be he is).
  • We are teaching the husband of a recent convert who two months ago didn’t believe in God but is now doing his prayers, thanks to patience and longsuffering.
  • We are teaching two other families that need to get married but maybe their children can get baptized before they do.

Tell us about your new companion.

  • Elder Nelson. Really young in the mission and 19 years old. He started with the missionary that I trained. He is very good though. Gringo, from Cincinnati, Ohio so if you could clarify exactly where it is that we are living that would be great, we could be neighbors.
  • He plays hockey at BYU and the Chileans are pretty convinced that we are brothers. Roughly the same height, we act similarly.
  • We get along well, he is a good comp although Spanish still challenges him sometimes.

Are you still serving as a zone leader?

  • Yep. for better or for worse, I am still serving as a zone leader of what is currently the largest zone in the mission. It is a blessing and a curse as my morning has been full of calls and I haven’t had a moments peace but it is going well. I am enjoying it.

Were you able to improve your accent working with your last companion?

  • a bunch. When he left everyone told me that I speak like he does. So I take that as a good thing. I am working to mantain it so that it isn’t a temporary thing.

Answer a question we should have asked.

  • How are you sleeping? like a baby. I am so tired all of the time
  • Are you wearing sunscreen? lots
  • how have your studies of the scriptures been? Fantastic, but I will have to write next week about them because my time is up.

I love you and thank you for your letters. Sorry that I am not so diligent in writing. I get caught up in doing other things for investigators or for the zone and my time just disappears.

Elder Tonkinson

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