The turtle and the hare. I have known the fable of the turtle and hare since I can remember. I feel like I have always known it and I think I have always undervalued the efforts of the turtle. I always figured that it was much harder to do something quickly, then to do a slow constant effort. This week I love the turtle and feel that he deserves my apology. Recently I have endeavored to do an activity weekly that is in Preach My Gospel, where one from a scale of 1-5 grades themselves on 57 questions related to the characteristics of Christ. I have watched week after week as my numbers have gone up and down as I focus myself on some one attribute that I am lacking in any particular moment.


Questions: Have you run across any interesting food recently?

  • Not overly. Recently I discovered that If you mix chocolate milk with Avena it isn’t that bad.
  • I did recently eat a blood sausage. I really wasn’t that big of a fan. But neither was it that bad.
  • I have also eaten Mariscos (shellfish). Which has been interesting because well they always have sand in them. I dont like them that much but it hasn’t made me sick at least.

How are you feeling (physically, emotionally, spiritually)?

  • Physically. I have been tired with everything that there has been to do. I am trying to eat better which is a constant struggle because the most abundant common food is bread. But the bread here is also not overly healthy. Anyway, I am doing fine, and cardiovascularly I am doing well, I can run and run so I am not to worried about the couple extra pounds that I have (like 5-8)
  • Emotionally : it is a roller coaster but I have always enjoyed roller coasters. Emotionally I think the hardest thing is that time flies and one sometimes loses track of days and moments. There are also the days like yesterday when moments that are super important, like the first time for someone to church, are programmed and fall through. One sort of loses a little bit of hope at that. However in general I am well. I think the hardest are my personal expectations of things. I can´t complain though.
  • Spiritually: Great, trials make us stronger. I have realized the trial it can be to develop a habit that will last all of my life. I am getting it down though. I am slowly, day by day making the changes in me to be more like Christ. I hope that they can be noticed.

Share a recent prompting.

  • To establish the habit of going to the temple at the least once a month.
  • To read more of the Old Testament
  • I realized the other day as we shared with The bishop and his wife, that the gospel has something special for everyone. Everyone of course should know all of the basic truths and understand them. Despite this, for the experiences that we live there is always something that applies more than others for us personally.
  • Last night as we taught a history professor (reads two books a day), we left him speechless as we talked about the gospel. We took away his ability to justify life using history. I could see the way the spirit touched him. There is still a lot more to do but we got the seed in there. Extreme spiritual gardening, I would call it 🙂 (dumb joke)

Share a small thing by which great things came or may come to pass.

  • There is an Elder in my zone who has had some difficulties during his mission. The end result of his ideology and his experiences has been that he isn’t overly obedient or diligente. However, I had a small interview with him the other day and have started to call him every single night to just talk for 3-5 minutes. The results have been astounding. As I have put an effort to be loving and understanding at the moment of correction and support he has changed. I have seen repentance in him and I have seen the power of charity. Due to the combination of his efforts with that of his companions they are going to have 5 baptisms in the next 3 weeks. Incredible. An absolute miracle for something incredibly small.

Share a few things you have learned about priesthood leadership.

And, of course, share whatever else is on your mind.

If you don’t have time for all those, start with whatever you are prompted to start with.  We love you.

What is on my mind. Not a whole bunch, it is P-day. Other exciting things that happened this week were a conference with President and another one of the zones where we had to do training. That also means that there was a lot of running around for my companion and I.

All in all I am well,

Que tengan una muy buena semana

Les quiero mucho

Elder Tonkinson

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