Normally at this point I would share with you if there are changes or not….but we havent been informed of anything yet. It has been another interesting weekend.

Share some things you felt or wore taught during conference this weekend.

Better question what was I not taught during General Conference?

One quick note. Before every conference during my mission I write out questions that I want answered and pray and fast that they Lord will help me hear the answers or receive spiritual impressions as to what the answers are. I went with six questions this time and all were answered ( I will look to write them next week, I dont have my notes here with me.)

One of my favorite talks was Craig A. Cardon. For two reasons one is for the theme and one is for the way that he used the story of Christ to explain it. One thing that I have been noticing recently is the great ability that the leaders have to take lessons out of the scriptures that are in some ways “new.” Specifically for this talk I liked where he quoted “But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins.” Many times I have thought of forgiveness as something that comes at the end. When all of the actions of our lives have been put on the balance there will be obtained forgiveness. This talk makes it clear that it is not like this.

I liked a lot as well the focus that had been on the families. The talk by Elder Clayton was awesome. It just makes sense. I have all the suggestions written down with a star by them (so that they can be remembered and found quickly for after the mission)

The clarity of Elder Bednar’s talk [if you have ever wonder why abstaining from sex outside of marriage is important, this talk provides an excellent foundation] was well enjoyed and will be a good teaching tool from here forward to those that do not keep the law of Chastity. I also liked the clear and direct invitation “There are some of you within the sound of my voice, that need to repent.”

Honestly, I am going to write more next week with my notes.

How is your monthly budget holding up?

Life here in Achupallas is super cheap. I dont have to pay taxis to take me everywhere and we hardly have to take micros because our sector is really small so I am doing just fine.

Is your apartment clean and orderly?

Spotless. I just cleaned it this morning and it looks great. In general order is something that I have learned here on the mission. My desk and my room are generally impecable. I have everything with its place. The thing that still is hard for me is keeping my clothes organized. They have shelves and on the shelves they get out of order fast and I dont take time to reorganize.

Share what is on your mind.

What is on my mind. This week was also a hard week. I feel like the Lord saw that I was comfortable and felt the need to turn on the purifying fires again. Tests of this week.

not having much contact with our investigators that are coming to church and therefore those that are most likely to be baptized. (This for a missionary is terrible.)

WE did not have many contacts with people in the street that lasted for more then 30 seconds. A test that left us without many new people to start teaching.

I have been sick like I was in the MTC. Without much of an appetite. Tired and with stomach problems. It has been exhausting.

We were going to have an awesome baptismal service in the Church on Sunday. Between the sessions of conference. There were 4 wards that were going to have a baptism and we were going to do it as a stake. That being the case, My companion and I spent a bunch of time organizing everything and putting it in order. Only to have almost everything fall through at the last moment. It wasn’t our fault but it was in the end a stress headache for the both of us.

Now I really don’t want to seem like I am whining. Because I am not. As I said, purifying fires.

1 Nephi 20:10 For, behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.

I definitely definitely feel like the Lord is reminding me to be humble and to remember whose work this is and that I am but a part it in. Even that being that case I am only a part of it to the degree that I trust in the Lord.

I want you to know that I am doing well. I am enjoying it and I am growing which is as mentioned several times in the conference, the purpose of our mortal existence. I have the vision of what the Lord expects of me and just hope to live worthy of that vision.

All of my love and prayers

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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