Adjusting to the Cold

We understand that you now have two hours to do email every week.  Has that changed anything for you?

  • I dont know where you got that information. The rules as far as internet use have changed but the time is still the same.
  • I can write family, friends and converts. However the time that I have is an hour and a half
  • Before we could only write family and with special permission, occasionally to friends.

How have you been feeling this week?

  • Good. My system got back on track. I took a couple of drugs that helped out.
  • I am tired. Sort of worn down, but I already bottomed out and am headed back up again. I think my energy level will be back to normal or more within a week or two.

What has brought you the most joy?

  • Sharing with a new investigator on saturday night who came the next day to church  He is a great young man. His mom has been participating for about 4 weeks but she has just wanted him to participate. At last he came and that is awesome. You could just see the happiness and pride in her eyes that he was going to start participating. It was a simple joyful moment.

Uncle Chock may be coming down to Chile again before too long, do you need anything?

  • I am fine. The only thing that I would love is something that I didn’t realize that I wanted was biscotti. I realized at Christmas time that that is something that I love that I didn’t have. So if you had time to make it and send it and it wasn’t just a waste of time and money then it is fine.  But I am also not going to die without it.
  • I might need more pants at some point because they are slowly destroying themselves but it might just be better to buy them here

Current favorite foods?

  • I bought peanut butter the other day and ate a loaf and a half of breads worth of peanut and butter sandwiches. Somethings never change.
  • Other then that, recently I have had a great love for palta y tomate rellena. Tomatoes and avocados filled with tuna and a couple condiments. It is generally served over lettuce with lemon juice and mayonnaise.
  • I have also enjoyed recently eating some of the simple soups that they make. As it says in the title, it has gotten a little colder here recently and I love eating warm things when it is cold.
  • the food is relatively similar to “comida gringa”

Something you enjoy about the Chilean people or culture?

  • They are just funny. For example I dont know if I have talked about their terms of endearment but here are some examples of widely used ones
  • Chanchito – little pig
  • Gordito – fatty
  • Pelado – bald
  • negrito – black guy
  • They use a wide variety. Another thing that I enjoy is all the little negocios they have which are like corner stores. You can get all the basics of life there. They are for ever going out and over to the negocios to buy things.
  • They always give you something to eat. Crackers, cookies, juice whatever they have.
  • they are alos really bad about fibbing all of the time…… They tell white lies as if it were nothing
  • We aren´t here
  • we are never home
  • they done live here…(when we just saw them enter)
  • Things like that

Please share whatever is on your mind.

I had it suggested to me that I extend another month until the first week of december instead of the first week of the  It isn’t an entire cambio but I would be able to stay working more. It is an intriguing idea because It isn’t like I will have much time to work, have a calling or do anything else before I go back to the university. At the same time it could be valuable time with the family, being that once I go back to school I probably wont be home for any extended period of time after. They are decisions to be made but I have time.

On my mind is the work and the grandness of it. You are in my thoughts and prayers

All of my Love

Elder caleb Tonkinson

Elder Tonkinson

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