Missionary Purpose


Questions: What do you do to relax when you are feeling stressed?
  • Here’s the deal. I don´t really have a solution. When I am truly stressed, I don´t eat well, I don´t sleep well and I become super tense. For example this weekend one of our investigators got baptized. In the end it was an incredible baptism. However, we visited her on friday and then were supposed to plan with her on saturday. But she never got home and she never answered her phone so we didn’t plan anything. So without information I got really stressed out. We didn’t hear from her until 2 hours before her baptism. however it all worked out well. During that time that we didnt hear from her, I didn´t eat anything and I slept bad. I get stressed much more for things that are out of my control. When they are in my control I just go to work trying to get it to work out and I have confidence that it is going to work out.
Share something that made you smile this week.
  • We found a family about 2 months ago. Everything was going great with the whole family but it just so happens that the parents arent married and one of them has to go through a divorce before they could get married. Then the father started to work a lot more and in the end we are only sharing with one of their daughters who has gotten really involved with the young women. She comes all of the time but we have been pretty worried that everthing that we teach isnt really sticking and that when she gets baptized that it is going to be hard to be the only member in her family. However. the other day we verified if she was keeping the word of wisdom and expressed that we would like to talk with her mom so that she could understand it and help her to live it. However with a little bit of an attitude she responded “no its fine. I already took care of it. I told my mom that I don´t drink tea anymore and now no one does”. there are moments where the spirit “da palos” or “hits you with a stick” and one just sits there thinking “Man of little faith, why doubtest thou?” It made me smile to see hidden progress
  • It also made me smile to see a young man in the ward baptize somebody for the first time. Completely nervous and unsure but he did it well and you couldnt wipe his smile off for anything.
How has your mission changed with the influx of new missionaries?
  • It has changed a bunch. There used to be “big zones” and zones that had “sister missionaries” but now pretty much everyone is like that. They all have about 16 -18 missionaries and almost all of them have sister missionaries in their zones. So that has changed, also there is a new sister leadership training position.
  • We are also reeling a little bit trying to find where to put them. lots of little branches are getting opened up where there were not missionaries before. that is a great blessing of course. As well we are always looking for new departments. Today for example we have to go to the office of the mission to leave a set of keys for a new department in our ward. We are going to get a pair of new missionaries here next change. whooo.
  • Other than that it is the same. The work goes on, there are great days and bad days. New missionaries that are very focused and new ones that still dont understand why they are here. It is a growing experience in the end.
On average how much tracting do you do in a week?
  • Tracting is an ugly word :). We try to be teaching as much as possible. Plus since we are always walking, it is as if we were always tracting. But time where we are walking and doing contacts or knocking on doors that we don’t know? that would be less then 10 hours in a week.
Share a time you have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in your life this week.
  • I was reminded this week that many times the spirit doesn’t work with grand revelations. just with little ideas “a little here and a little there.” I found that many times my promptings come as one idea. “go to Preach my gospel” and so I open it to some section that we need help with “chapter 8, using time effectively” okay we are having trouble in the zone with really making our accountability reports help us out so I am going to read about those reports and what do I find. GOLD!! We are doing something wrong in the whole mission with taking our key indicators on Sunday evening. Preach my Gospel explains how to do it better so last night we tried it out and in the next big reunion we have there is going to be training on it and we are going to change it. It wasn’t a flash of inspiration or anything that I did. it was just a little guidance each time from the spirit that pushed me in the direction of what was in the end the correct answer.
As usual share whatever is on your mind.i am doing well. working hard and enjoying it.
I love you all very much and will organize next week aobut the phone call for Mothers Day.
— Elder Tonkinson



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