Share whatever you can about the plan for Skyping next week.  Our church runs from noon to 3:00 your time (Atlantic Standard Time), and about the quickest we can possibly get home is 30 to 35 mintues.

  • This is what I can tell you.
  • I will call on sunday
  • It will be from skype
  • And the plan is to call at about 4:00. Other then that, we haven’t been able to coordinate it in to much detail. So I am lacking a little bit of information
  • Sorry I left so much things up in the air

Share as many details about your experiences throughout the week as you can.

Monday: Monday was a good day. We had a family home evening with four families in the ward. We had a very fun lesson. What we did is we made groups of two and each group had to draw a picture of one of their favorite stores from the Book of Mormon. then they had to present it and share why they like it, and their favorite teaching. It was a fun way so that everyone got to know each other and so that there could be a gospel discussion. It was one of my favorite Family home evenings of my whole mission.

Tuesday: We did a bunch of service. We helped a family of investigators to pack up their house and load the truck. They still are living in our sector though. Then we went and helped to furnish a new department [apartment, he just doesn’t remember the English word] in our ward where we are going to live in 2 weeks when two sister missionaries come and take our department. So there will be four missionaries in the ward making us officially the smallest sector in the whole mission. (Our area is exploding with people though. We have had so much work recently.)

Then that evening we had another Family Home Evening, unfortunately our investigators couldn’t come due to sickness but the Family home evening was fun and spiritual as well.

We then taught a recent convert about the plan of salvation. She is the first convert that I know that has understood the spirit world and the preaching of the gospel there. Super intelligent. She was confirmed on yesterday!!!!

Wednesday. We had a coordination meeting with our ward mission leader. And then visited an abuelita who has a bunch of problems with her health and normally talks a ton. We have seen big changes in her in the last week. She has calmed down a lot, isn’t talking about so many things that are irrelevant and is understanding better what we are sharing. WHOOO. She also came to church yesterday with her grandson, and her daughter should come next week.

Thursday. We had interviews with President. They were good. Interviews are always relieving. I am content with how it went and feel that I am doing fine. I am still considering the option of extending [his mission by 30-days] and President just said that I should think and pray about it but that if I wanted to I can.

In the end the interview was just a lot about the things that are happening. Because in and of itself, I am really doing fine. I only get stressed at moments, and I work hard.

Friday: I went on interchanges to a different ward. It was good. We walked a lot though and it was cold. The department was very unorganized. I was reminded once again of the importance of order in the kingdom of God so that the Spirit can be there.

Saturday: We had lunch with our mission leader and then he went out with us for the whole day.

One of our investigators passed their baptismal interview and is getting baptized next weekend. Then we visited 8 people over the course of the day. A very gratifying experience. We also had a great experience of revelation because we planned a lesson for a new investigator that was perfect for his hidden needs, even before we knew him.

Sunday. It was crazy!!! 7 of our investigators came to church. WHOOOO!!!. It was awesome!. One of them got confirmed and 2-4 of them should be getting baptized before the end of this month.

Anyway, that is about all I have time for. I had a mountain of informes to send this week.

I look forward to seeing your pretty faces on Sunday. Take care,

with love

Elder Tonkinson

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