The week in review


Where to begin. I find a lot of truth in what Mark wrote me a couple of weeks ago:

“Cada lunes espero el email que llega desde Chile.  Y recuerdo como es escribir de la vida misionero.  Las cosas interesantes llegan a ser las cosas cotidianas.  Y, aunque mucho puede pasar entre una semana, al llegar a la computadora, todo se va”

“Every Wednesday I wait for the email that comes from Chile. And I remember how it is to write about missionary life. The interesting things are things become the things that are from every day life and although many things happen during a week upon getting to the computer everything just goes.”

My weeks are incredible, full of life, revelation, personal and interpersonal struggles, changes, joy, frustration, laughing, smiling, frowning, praying, pleading, repenting, energy, tiredness and just about any other thing you can find within the human spectrum of experience (omitting some of the extremes). However, it is hard to communicate them in a way that is anything meaningful.

I find this even more complicated after having spoken with all of you yesterday.  It is always nice to see your faces in life and hear your voices (although some of them *cough* Nathan * cough* are much lower then they were).

Be that as it may (I hope I said that correctly), I will attempt to give a report of my life and its happenings to the best of my ability while including interesting information and keeping it entertaining.

Miracle number 1 of my week : They eat a lot of bread here in Chile. Something generally referred to as “pancito” (pronounced panseeto), a dense, disk shaped break which to me appears somewhat like hard tack (without being so hard). Normally, this bread is eaten at almost all meals and with all types of toppings. It is multi-use. But it also isn’t very soft and airy. This week we had the miracle of finding “Pan Italiano” ( Italian Bread) which to the best I can remember is actually Ciabatta.  Now you may ask why this is such a miracle. Honestly, it isn’t. The bread was just good.  And it was the first variety, like apart froming being shaped differently that I have eaten in a while

Miracle Number 2 of my week: Sometimes the Lord is merciful and lets us recieve guidance before the time when it is given to the general public. In the last 2 weeks, my personal study has gone on 2 themes:  the Pamphlets of the missionary lessons and chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel, titled, “How do I use time wisely?”  I have recieved constant new guidance and taken pages of notes from those studies. Therefore it was to no small surprise of mine that those were two of the main topics of the Mission Leader Council that we had on Friday. We talked about chapter 8 for about an hour. Looking for things that we were doing wrong in the mission. Which is a list I had made some 4-5 days earlier. On the other hand, our mission President had a seminar for mission presidents in Buenos Aires and one of the topics of the Area was the use of the pamphlets, which just happens to be the focus of the whole missionary department of the Church. Therefore. a council which is normally instructing, exciting and edifying, was even more so then the normal.

I am trying to think of other things that would interest but  I couldn’t

I love you all very much,

Have a great week

Elder Tonkinson

( by next monday I may have already had changes)

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