New P-Day

Well, As you may notice. It is Saturday morning, and I am writing my email.

I will explain why.

Monday afteroon, right after writing all of you, we went to Viña, to the mission office, because we had several things we needed to leave there, and we needed to pick up mail. However, upon arrival, President called me into an interview with him and extended me the invitation to be his new assistant. I of course accepted and from there on out I have been here in the Mission office working.

As I don’t have any messages from you all, I will just take the time to share a little about my week.

  1. Monday evening. I watched the church defensive driving video and then drove all afternoon. We had the farewell dinner of the missionaries that were leaving. And then I went at about 10:30 to my old pension to bring my bags to Viña. Then, we were in the office until about 2:00 in the morning preparing things for the next day.
  2. Tuesday morning- We woke up at 4:00 in the morning. Got showered and dressed and went to pick up the hermanas that were leaving the mission. We met up with the other missionaries and all got on a bus down to Santiago. There, we dropped them off in the MTC and picked up 27 new missionaries. Then we went to the airport and picked up 7 more. Then the bus left, and my companion and I stayed waiting for  a new missionary until about 2:00 in the afternoon. Then, it was back to Viña in a taxi. That evening, we spent time transporting the new missionaries after their interviews with President. That night ,we finished preparing things for changes. We were up until about 3
  3. Wednesday – we woke up at 7 and went to prepare the chapel for the day’s meetings. That morning we had training for the new missionaries (where I translated for about an hour for the English speaking missionaries).  After that, we had lunch and then training for the trainers and then at about 6:00 in the afternoon we had a change meeting where President anounces the changes. We then were running around for 6 hours, cleaing and leaving people in the bus terminal.
  4. Thursday – we got up at about 6:00 in the morning to get an Elder that came from the north and leave him in Valparaiso, and after that we had time to clean up a little bit in our pension. This was followed by paying a fine and trying to get a Chilean drivers licence for me and for the other office missionaries. In the night, we packed up a van full of materials and suitcases that got left behind and then went to the north
  5. Friday – we slept in (with permission from president) and got up at 7:45. We finished cleaning the pension and then did a couple quick things in the office. We went to a district meeting to have a couple interviews and then I stayed on interchanges with the Zone leaders of Quilpue.
  6. This morning I came back to our sector. And that has been my week.

It has been rather exciting. Honestly I wouldn’t know how to describe it well. But that’s fine. I will get it down. My comp is leaving early as well. [in a clarification, he later wrote: My companion is going home early because he extended a month and his extension ends before the end of changes.]  So I have 4 weeks to get down 2 months of material…no big deal 🙂

All of my love,

Elder Tonkinson

PS. that means that you can wait until Friday nights to write me (or really however you want to do it).

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