A nice long week


I thought a normal week of missionary week was tiring.

This last week was exhausting.

Monday: Normal day, we had calls and several other things to do in the office. Then we left to work in the afternoon. To teach a little bit and to look for new investigators.

Tuesday: We drove to Illapel (2.5 hours) and had interchanges with the zone leaders there. We then slept in one of the other departments, where it was freezing cold!!!! and then got up really early to drive to Ovalle (2.5 hours from Illapel) and had interchanges with the Zone Leaders there. That same night starting at 10 pm, we drove back to Viña del Mar. Where we arrived at 1:30 am. This was rather exhausting.

Thursday: Wake up 7:00.  We planned and prepared everything for a training meeting with the district leaders. We went to bed at 2:00 am.

Friday: Wake up 5:30 to be able to pick up Elders from the bus terminal. The meeting started at 10 and ended at 6. At 8, we finished leaving Elders in the bus terminal for different hours of departure. Then we cleaned and went to bed.

This coming week:

Monday: Normal work

Tuesday : Drive to Coquimbo for interchanges (4.5 hours)

Wednesday : From Coquimbo to La Serena (30 min) for interchanges and then back to Viña (5 hours)

Thursday : Planning for a training with the zone leaders

Friday: meeting with the zone leaders

And that is pretty much how it works.

I am loving it though. It is a great experience to get to know President a little more and see the effects of his calling.

All in all, I am doing well. I really can’t complain.

Thank you for keeping me updated.

My time has run out I love you all

Elder Tonkinson

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