Que les puedo decir

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What can I tell ya


Share a quality that you admire about your mission president.

I admire that he is willing to accept the guidance that he receives from his leaders. Many times, he has come back a couple weeks after having said something and repented saying: “Well, we have recieved new advice from the Area. Those things that we were going to do a couple of weeks ago we are not going to do now.” Then he presents the new information and testifies of its veracity.

What is it like to drive in Chile?

  • Not as good as the United States or Europe.
  • Not as bad as it was in Mexico.
  • It has been good. I drive all of the time though, because my companion doesn’t drive at all.
  • The highway is about the same, but in the city it is weird. Lots of one way streets.  Also, one has to be able to squeeze themselves into small areas some times, a skill that I am still working on, given that all the parking areas in the US are big.

Were your driving skills rusty?

  • A little but not much.

Tell us about the work and your week.

Monday – we worked a little bit out of the office, visited one of our investigators who is getting baptized today, then we prepared everything for a road trip on Tuesday.

Tuesday – We woke up early and drove to Coquimbo to have interchanges with the zone leaders there. We slept in their house that night.

Wednesday – we went to La Serena in the morning and split up, my comp went to one zone, and I went to the other. Then at about 9:00, we switched up again and my companion and I got a bite to eat and took off towards Viña. We arrived in Viña at about 4:00 in the morning. Therefore, we rested until about 10:00 in the morning.

Thursday – we prepared presentations and the building for a council of the leaders of the mission.

Friday – we had the council of leaders of the mission.

Saturday – we washed the car, and we bought food.

It has been a nice long week. However the whole month is going to be like this. We have conferences with the zones this week. And President gave us a special assignment that we have to have prepared for Wednesday. Which means tonight, tomorrow and Monday we aren’t going to get a whole lot of sleep. In that sense, one really feels the Lord helping them. I have a lot more energy then I naturally should.

I want to share just a couple cool stories from my week.

There was an investigator that I had in La Serena who went to Church for about a year before he was baptized. I taught him a bunch, but he never took it.  However he got baptized about a month ago and is now a counselor in the young men presidency. I love seeing that. I have seen it time and time again.

Today was a long day. I am sorry this mail is getting there late. We got a call in the middle of our internet time and had to go and do something urgently.

Apart from that excitement, today we had a baptism. I am going to attach fotos.

This is the last week of my companion. So pretty much everything during this week I have to do on my own, with him intervening only at the end if something is incorrect. So that should be fun. I am looking forward to it 🙂

Thank you for sending fotos.

How did the things with the house turn out? [We are moving to Ohio, and trying to resolve issues with the house we are buying]

All of my love and cariño

Elder Tonkinson

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