La Ultima Semana

My companion is finishing his mission. This is his last week. He has been a good companion. I am thankful for his service as a missionary. His family is coming to look for him on Tuesday evening.  So there ends my four weeks of training as Presidents Assistant.  So this coming week is going to be very interesting.

As for the week that went by. Here is my report:

I did not work in my area for even 10 minutes. This week started conferences with the Zones. We were preparing presentations and chapels for the conferences. We have done 2 of the 7 that there are. They have been going well. However, it is going to be a little rough. Monday is the last one with my current companion, and then on Tuesday I have to brief my new companion about the presentation for Wednesday.

The other thing that we have been doing is compiling movies that are useful for teaching the gospel, so that we can burn discs for all the missionaries to be able to support their teaching easier.

For our presentation for conference, we talked about Faith and its ability to help us overcome difficulty. To teach that point we have used this video

Mountains to Climb

Which is one of the New Mormon Messages that the Church has. It is really good. About half of the room was crying at the end of it.

In preparing and speaking about Faith almost continually during this week, I realized how essential it is (realized as in, I realized again. Or that would be, I was reminded by the Spirit). An interesting factor that I have been able to know the situations of some of the missionaries that are struggling. It is almost always the case, that in some part of their testimony they are lacking a large fundamental, and therefore they cannot support the weight of what they are asked to do. Whether it be prayer, scripture study, or exact obedience, it always leads to a weakening of testimony and therefore a weakening of power and of authority. Faith makes all things possible, without it we are rather limited to our self-decided capacity and our own weaknesses.

Interesting changes in missionary work here in Chile. Due to the weakness of some units here in Chile the area, with permission from the First Presidency and The quorum of the Twelve Apostles has given approval so that, following an agreement between a Stake President and the Mission President, missionaries can have assignments in particular callings within the church, teachers, counselors, and so forth, according to the needs of the ward or branch and the capacities of the missionaries.

Very interesting indeed. It will probably happen very little in our mission, as the majority of the units are relatively strong.

It is nice to be here. I feel like I had gotten very comfortable where I was. It is nice to feel the loving stretching of the Lord again. Like always it has its growing pains, but just like with the body, my Spirit is growing and getting stronger as I keep striving towards the Light

Doctrine and Covenants 3:3–Remember, remember that it is not the awork of God that is frustrated, but the work of men;

All of my Love

Elder Tonkinson

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