Me old, new companion

My companion Elder Pereira finished his mission this week. His parents came to pick him up on Tuesday night.

That same day on Tuesday, I got my new companion, Elder Gatica. If that name sounds familiar it is because we were together in Achupallas for 6 weeks. They have been some interesting days together again.

Now that you are traveling so much, do you still eat in members homes regularly?

  • Only on Sundays ūüė¶ ¬†It is one of the things that I don’t like at all.

Did you get your tooth taken care of?  [he had a filling fall out]

  • I still haven¬īt done it. They told me it wasn’t urgent, and we are super busy. But now during the next week I should have a moment. But I have seen the office, it is more or less the same. (More details next week)

If so, was the experience any different than in the states?

  • see above answer

Share a meaningful teaching moment from your week.

  • All of my teaching moments during the week were during conferences to the missionaries. We had three and in the middle of the week I had my change of companions and therefore was left in charge of it all. We didn’t get that many chances to go out and work. However, there were some good moments in the conferences.
  • The conferences remind me of the reason that we repeat things so often and why Our Heavenly Father frequently says in the scriptures ” Remember, Remember.” ¬†We have done 5 of the 7 conferences and it is interesting to me that in every single one of the conferences I have learned new things.

Share something you have learned in your personal scripture study recently.

  • For verily the¬†avoice¬†of the Lord is unto all men, and there is none to¬†bescape; and there is no eye that shall not see, neither¬†cear¬†that shall not hear, neither¬†dheart¬†that shall not be penetrated. Doctrina y Convenios 1:3
  • I think that says it all.

What is a goal you have for next week?

  • Get our work organized to have more time to go out and preach the gospel instead of doing other things that are important.

Share whatever is on your mind.

…Not a whole lot. Tomorrow I have to drive from Vi√Īa to La Serena with a van full of stuff. ¬†We are going to be there until Wednesday doing conferences and interchanges.

Therefore, I am hoping to get a good bunch of rest tonight.

Other then that, I would love to see pictures when you get to the new home.

I love you all, and I have you in my prayers.

Elder Tonkinson

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