The week in review


What has been the biggest surprise of your mission?  

  • When I returned from Coquimbo to La Serena as a Zone Leader with Elder Ascanio. It was a whole ton of things that all happened in the same moment but that I wasn’t expecting. I never thought I would go back to La Serena. And I didn’t think in the moment that I was going to be a zone leader. Also, Elder Ascanio and I got to know each other in the MTC and I didn’t think that it was very likely that we would ever be comps. However, it worked out differently. 

Tell us about a favorite training moment.  

  • On Tuesday, I had an interchange with a missionary that was struggling a little bit. The whole day we just talked and talked; and far from being a moment where I had to correct him a bunch, we just talked about the gospel and many of its practical applications in our day to day lives. Four times during the day he looked at me and said “I hate you,” but the kind of “I hate you” that one says to their parents because they know that their parents are right. During this week I have continued calling him and enjoy hearing how the things that we shared have helped him to continue progressing as much as a missionary as well as a person.

Since you don’t get many member meals what do you do for food?

  • There are a couple options.
  • We go and buy food at a restaurant. 
  • We make food (sandwiches, chips, cookies, apples, bananas, juice)
  • We just don’t get around to eating. (1 day a week)
  • We eat during conferences or other things and our meals are already planned.
  • There is a senior couple that makes lunch for everyone in the office and we just pay for the food.  

Share something that brought you joy this week.  

  • Yesterday. yesterday was a fantastic day.
  • We have been so busy with the conferences and a couple of projects that it has been really hard recently to get out of the office or of meetings to be able to work in our own area.  However, yesterday we did it. We worked all afternoon. We found 8 new investigators. One of which is going to get baptized on the 28. 
  • We also had a miracle on Sunday. A university student came to church and asked what they had to do to be baptized and invited us to come and teach her. She is getting baptized next weekend. 
  • So many blessings.

Share whatever is on your mind.

Well, after the satellite transmission on Sunday everyone was way excited, only to receive an email on Monday that changes come to our mission next year.  Therefore, according to all current data, Elder Caleb Isaac Tonkinson of the Mission Chile Viña del Mar will not have the privilege of serving in a time and a place where Facebook and Ipads are a daily part of missionary work. I can’t really complain.  However…., It would have been interesting.

These last couple of weeks have been thoroughly enjoyable. My first six weeks as assistant to president have come to an end. I am learning a ton of stuff and I am enjoying the time and opportunities to learn from my leaders a little closer.

I fortunately have the chance to know the changes earlier then other missionaries. So today, I pretty much won´t have a preperation day. All of my time is going to be caught up in preparing and organizing the changes.

Other things on my mind.

I am hoping to fast this weekend about the decision to extend or not. That way I can make my decision and know what to do.

There is a video that I love and that captivates me


I love you  


Elder Caleb Tonkinson

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