Letter of the week

🙂 Questions:

Did you receive the direction you were seeking on extending your mission until December?

  • Nothing overly clear. I am praying about it. I just don´t have some firm clear direction yet. Honestly I believe that the Lord would be happy with either of the decisions and I just need to learn how to make good decisions and discern a little better the things.

Tell us about a recent trial?

  • I think the biggest trial recently has been learning by error. Personally I prefer to just learn it well  the first time. Or at the very least learn from the mistakes that others make. However. There are a lot of things that I didn´t have time to learn before Elder Pereira left and so I have been learning a LOT from my errors recently.
  • However, President Kahnlein gives a lot of directions and correction when it is necessery. I have learned a lot about how to correct as it teaches in Doctrine and Covenants 121:43
  • Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;”
  •  So, I learn quick and I am getting better. We are picking up the rhythm and correcting a lot of errors that have existed for quite a while.
  • In other words it is a trial but I am doing well.

Tell us about a way you have been served this week by someone else.

  • I had an interchange on Wednesday with a new Zone Leader. We worked hard the whole day and talked with a bunch of people. Unfortunately, we did not have a whole bunch of lessons.  However when we arrived in the nighttime to our pension, I had a bunch of phone calls coming in and was rather occupied and he put himself to washing dishes and straightening things up. It was nice.

Tell us about your week.

  • Monday. We were preparing things to change to the new mission office. For the last 6 months the mission office has been in an old abandoned chapel while they have been remodeling the old office. But now we have a remodeled office.
  • Tuesday. We had interchanges with Viña Oeste. Which is about 30 minutes in a micro. I worked there with an Elder that was a new missionary being trained in La Serena when I returned to La Serena. So, it was nice to catch up with him and to work together. We worked a bunch and had a wonderful Family Home Evening with a family in the ward and their neighbor. We talked about the first three parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ [in Preach My Gospel, I think he means].  At the end of the lesson, the neighbor (a 75 year old grandmother) told us that she was thinking of becoming a member of our church.
  • Wednesday. I had another interchange with another Zone Leader but this time in my area. It rained all day, and a bunch of random things happened that ate up a lot of our time. However, we made contact with three great people in the street and have appointments with them today
  • Thursday we worked in our area which was just great.
  • Friday we had Mission leadership council.
  • Today is P-day and we just want to get everything back to its normal status and prepare ourselves for interviews which start next week.

I am doing well in general and cannot complain. I have been thinking a lot recently about personal missionary efforts that I had as a young man and in the efforts that we made as a family. I have enjoyed my personal progress as a missionary and hearing a little more of the things that you all are doing at home to support the missionary work. However, I feel there is more that we can do.

The broadcast about missionary work that there was 2 weeks ago was great.  And this is a scripture that I read yesterday, and I would like to apply them both a little bit to us and our family in our personal missionary efforts.

For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound , who shall prepare himself to the battle?  1 Corinthians 14:8

You have the great opportunity to be in a new place. Where no one knows you. No one has expectations of the “Tonkinson Family” and their first impressions are in your hands. I invite you to make them missionary moments. To play the trumpet loud and clear so those that are around you can prepare themselves for the battle. When I get home I will have the same opportunity, and I hope to find that the Tonkinson Family Mission Plan is running well to be able to throw my should to the wheel with you all.


Q; ¿Can we be that family? 🙂

A: Yes, we can

I love you all. thank you for your support and your constant love and spiritual experiences.

Elder Tonkinson

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