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Weekly Letter.

Questions: How was your sleep this week? Good. ¬†I sleep well. Like a rock ūüôā The thing is that I have found that unlike any other time in my life I am mentally tired. Physically I have found that I … Continue reading

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Questions: Share a goal you ¬†have set for yourself and how the process is going. I set the goal to read the scriptures every night. I am doing well with that, and it is a great benefit to be able … Continue reading

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This week was crazy!!! As all weeks are when new missionaries come to the mission and the old ones go away. ¬†Everything about changes went fantastic. The old missionaries left on time; the new ones got here without any problems. … Continue reading

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Fotos…ya okay I know better… photos

¬†New Missionaries!!! Waiting in the equivilant of the DMV while my companion takes the theoretical test to get his drivers liscence. That was a wierd moment of waiting alone. During interviews in Valpo. — Elder Tonkinson

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Elder Tonkinson has not been overly good about sending pictures recently. ¬†However, I found the mission blog¬†and ran through it picking up all the images I could find back through July 2012, when the current mission president came to lead … Continue reading

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Just another day in the life

I think for your questions this week, we would love to hear about whatever is on your mind.¬† Plus share something that has been challenging ¬†recently and what you have learned from it so far. Living up to personal expectation. … Continue reading

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Weekly Letter 3 Agosto 2013

Dear Family, This week was another adventure. Sunday at church, Monday in the office, and then from Tuesday till Friday in the north going to interviews with the missionaries. Have you received direction on whether to extend or not? Yes, … Continue reading

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