Elder Tonkinson has not been overly good about sending pictures recently.  However, I found the mission blog and ran through it picking up all the images I could find back through July 2012, when the current mission president came to lead the mission.  These pictures are in the gallery.  If you want to get a flavor for mission life, the coming and going of missionareis, and the constant training they enjoy, spend some time on the blog.

–The Editor

CLM Mayo (16) IMG_2896 Asistentes IMG_3713 IMG_2183 IMG_3107 IMG_3121 IMG_3814 IMG_3200 IMG_3271 IMG_3048 IMG_3038 IMG_3049 IMG_2953 IMG_2940 IMG_2676 IMG_2660 IMG_2548 IMG_0156 CLM Mayo (1) CLM Mayo (29) _DSC3810 _DSC4576 _DSC3885 _DSC3893 _DSC3810 (1) _DSC3380 (1) _DSC3373 (1) _DSC2923 _DSC2501 _DSC2566 (1) _DSC2416 _DSC1795 _DSC1800 _DSC1864 _DSC1553 _DSC1563 _DSC1549 mision toda copia2 ascanio,e hancock,etc grupo _DSC0824 _DSC0786 _DSC0810 _DSC0853 _DSC0857 _DSC0842 _DSC0871 Zona1

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