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Share a goal you  have set for yourself and how the process is going.

  • I set the goal to read the scriptures every night. I am doing well with that, and it is a great benefit to be able to receive revelation.
  • To teach families. We are teaching like 6 families right now. Father, Mother and children. At least one of the Families is going to get baptized in September. It is really incredibly different teaching a whole family rather then one on one. There are more doubts, the teaching situations are harder to control but the rewards are a lot greater. It is great to see a family understand the plan of salvation. They now understand that the trials that they are having are trials that they accepted before they were born.
  • I am always putting goals to develop Christlike attributes, but I frequently find that as I focus for one week on one and then move to another I gain an attribute and then I lose it to another.


Favorite teaching moment of the week.

  • Yesterday, I was on interchanges in a place called Quillota. It is a normal town where the majority work in farming or in other agricultural side businesses (selling the goods, shipping them, or the equipment). So, in Quillota, the Zone Leaders have an investigator whose name is Eduardo. He is 94 years old and goes everywhere in a wheelchair. The thing is that he does not understand a whole lot, and he has a lot of knowledge about the bible. So he has a very hard time assimilating things like the Book of Mormon, even though he believes that there are prophets and that Joseph Smith could have been one. Therefore, our conversation was a little like this yesterday.
  • Me: Eduardo, The book of Mormon is  a record of the communication of God with prophets that lived in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: But where is Mormon in the Bible?
  • Me: He isn’t
  • Eduardo: Why isn’t he.  He should be
  • Me: The Book of Mormon was written in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: But the Bible is for all of the World.
  • Me: Eduardo, who wrote the Bible?
  • Eduardo: Inspired men?
  • Me: What do we call those men?
  • Eduardo: Prophets.
  • Me: What does a prophet do?
  • Eduardo: They receive revelation, and they write it so that we know.
  • Me: Mormon was a prophet. So what did Mormon do?
  • Eduardo: He received revelation, and he wrote it
  • Me: Very good. We can find his writings in the Book of Mormon.
  • Eduardo: But it doesn’t speak about him in the Bible.
  • Me: That is because the Bible was written in Jerusalem and the Book of Mormon was written here in the Americas.
  • Eduardo: So Mormon wasn’t a prophet because he isn’t in the bible.
  • Me: No, he is still a prophet.
  • Eduardo: But they just forgot to include him in the Bible?
  • Me: Are you a visual learner?
  • Eduardo: Yes
  • Me: (I stood up and drew a map of the world and then a Bible on one side and a Book of Mormon on the other. With Two stick figures with the word prophet over each one.)
  • Me: Where was the Bible Written?
  • Eduardo: Jerusalem
  • Me: (I drew an arrow between the Bible and Jerusalem) and who wrote it?
  • Eduardo: Prophets
  • Me: (I drew a line between the prophet and the Bible) okay. Now, do you believe that God loves all of his Children?
  • Eduardo: Of course he does, it actually says in the Bible…..(3 minutes later he finished talking about the Bible and what it says about the Love of God)
  • Me: Very good Eduardo. So if God loves all of His children and some of them lived in the Americas, who would he send to guide them?
  • Eduardo: Prophets.
  • Me: (I drew a line between the Book of Mormon and a prophet) and where would there writings be left?
  • Eduardo. In America.
  • Me: (I drew a line between the book of Mormon and Americas.
  • Eduardo: Oh, now I understand. The book of Mormon is  a record of the Communcation of God with prophets that lived in the Americas.
  • You should recognize that the first and last line are the same. It took forever but he understood.


Share whatever is on your mind .

This week I was on interchanges for most of the week. I had fun, I worked hard and ending the week I am happy, I am calm, and I feel good about life. It was nice to have a whole week of just teaching the people and not having to worry so much about other things.

Something that called my attention during my scripture study and my closing remarks.

How long can rolling waters remain impure? – Doctrine and Covenants 121:33

It is a good question. How long can we remain impure if we are working?

or repenting?

I have come to understand the Gospel as the only intelligent way to live my life.

and I love it


Elder Tonkinson

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