Weekly Letter.


How was your sleep this week?

  • Good.  I sleep well. Like a rock 🙂 The thing is that I have found that unlike any other time in my life I am mentally tired. Physically I have found that I can go and go and go but my mind starts shutting off or not working as fast as I would like. So I sleep well but sometimes the days are long.

Do you dream much on your mission? If so, is it mostly Spanish, English or a mixture?

Yes I dream a little bit. But I have never been able to get much of a hold of what I dreamed, just that I had one. Something interesting that I have realized though is that my dreams, I cannot identify in what language they were. That also happens frequently with my memories.  Many things that I know were in English, childhood memories or from just a couple of years ago, are frequently remembered and recalled in the language that I am speaking in the moment. Which is a very interesting consequence.

Are you getting any exercise?

I am getting a good deal of exercise. But it isn’t the exercise that I would like. With moving tables and chairs around, I actually get a decent muscle workout (meaning 20 tables for conferences and other things). It is sort of like lifting weights. However I can’t get enough cardiovascular exercise, something that I am trying to change. However, I stretch every single day :), a habit that I have developed as a way to wake me up and make sure that I don’t get any tighter then I already am.

What interaction this week was most meaningful to you?

  • I went out with the youngest zone leader that there has ever been in the mission, as much in his age as in his experience in the mission. I felt fortified as we talked and he expressed his doubts and his personal struggles. I could feel how much he had to learn but how much he had really been called of God to do what he is assigned to do.
  • I received a phone call from a missionary who knows what our lives are like in the office, who called just to thank me and that was it. A moment where I needed it, I received strength from a servant of The Lord who followed the Spirit’s guide.

Tell us about your week?

It has been a long week. One that I would love to tell in intimate detail. With its ups and downs and adventures.

The greatest news of the week is that of my extension [he sent a brief personal note to us earlier in the week so this was not the first we had heard of it]. As I said I hadn’t really received any guidance on my decision to stay or not, and so I left it at no. On Monday there was a pair of missionaries that came to the office, and President interviewed one of them. Leaving that interview, as he said goodbye to them, he turned to me. I was sitting in my desk working on a couple of reports for the week, and so I turned my chair around. He asked “When is your return date?”

“November 5…?” I answered

“Are you sure?” he asked clarifying

“Yes?” I said. Now doubting the answer.

“Are you sure it isn’t in December?” He asked smiling

“That I know of no..but why do you ask?”

“I believe that it is in December.” he grinned

“I extended?”

“Yes” he said “I believe you did.”

and that afternoon I received the new list of finishing dates and mine was in December 🙂

I for one am happy with it.

For one, it means that I will almost certainly finish outside of the office, something that I am very thankful for. I love what I am doing, but it isn’t the same as just doing what all the other missionaries do.  Since I got here, we have simplified and organized a lot of the extra, unnecessary things, but we still haven’t made it to the normal mission life. Not that it will really ever get there, but it is nice to progress.

I am excited, and I am sorry for the incoherence of this letter. Today we have to prepare everything to go north for a conference on Monday, and we had to help out with a baptism so it has been a hectic day with almost nothing of “preparation” in it.

I love my calling as a missionary, and I love that the Lord is stretching me.

I wish you all a very good week with cariño,

Elder Tonkinson

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One Response to Weekly Letter.

  1. Dear Elder Tonkinson, Congratulations on your extension of your mission. It will give you a chance to get back out into the field before you head to your new home. We will miss not seeing you when you return. We have been dealing with a lot. My mother is very ill and this is when I wish she was a member of the church , but she is not. I know that if she would let Br. Osborn give her a blessing that she would feel better. We continue on in faith that God will do what is best for her as we too try to do. The other day I was re-reading the Book of Mormon about Nephi retrieving the plates from Laban and it was as if I was seeing a movie in my head. It came alive to me and all the characters were in full 3-D in my mind. What an extrodinary experience. I hope that when you read the Book of Mormon to others that you will be able to bring those character alive and the stories in 3-D for all who will hear. May God continue to bless you as you continue on your mission. Sincerely The Osborns,

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