Have you had any trouble adjusting to Daylight savings time?

  • Zero trouble. It has been easy. Our schedule as Assistants is a little different as well and we had an emergency on sunday that kept us up late and so the daylight savings time just got wrapped up in that and I didn´t even notice that the hour changed.

Share a moment/experience  when  you felt joy this week.

  • We have 7 investigators that might get baptized on the 22nd. There are 3 that are pretty much sure and then there are 3 in a family of 4 that are almost sure, but we lack the Dad; and we don’t want to get them all baptized without the Dad, because we feel that if we wait a couple weeks more he is going to do it as well. Last night one of the investigators passed their baptismal interview, and we are going to have 2 more on monday.
  • The two that are for Monday have had a couple of difficulties with reading and meeting their other commitments. We did a little more of a focus on their reading this week, and they progressed a bunch. So, I think that they are going to be just fine. The mother talked about how she has been looking for a long time for a way to forgive herself and feels that she found it here in the church.

Share a time that you have received a prompting to do or change something and how you acted on those impressions.

  • I think that recently I have had a hard time recognizing what have been promptings because I feel that a lot of my promptings are preventative, and when I follow them nothing happens because it was prevented, and I never realize what the consequences would have been. But I do have one that is pretty significant.
  • The other day in a lesson with the mother and her daughter I felt an impression to leave them the pamphlet of the law of chastity. For all of the time that we have been sharing with them, we haven’t left them study material from the next lesson. But when we did it this time, the next lesson was so easy. They already knew what we were going to talk about. They understood the message and they already had the doubts that they wanted to be answered. We are going to do it a lot more now. Sometimes I find that we are afraid to give more information because we feel that people are not going to understand. That has no place in preaching the gospel. You just have to tell it as it is.

What is your current favorite food/meal?

  • Almost nothing has changed. I love eating quesadillas. They are quick and easy and delicious. And somewhat nutritious.
  • Food is one of my new goals. I have been working on organizing a lot of things that the assistants did in the past that made life very unorganized and made it even hard to eat reasonably well. So, within the next couple of weeks I am hoping that my current diet of quick foods changes to foods that take a little more time but make me feel better. I can tell a lot better from my mission that the food we eat affects our ability to receive revelation.

Tell us whatever is on your mind and about your week.

On my mind are:

The 7 investigators that are going to get baptized.

Changes that are coming up the 23rd and that we already need to start organizing.

Finding new investigator families because all of the ones that we have are either going to be baptized, or stopped progressing and it was time to leave them.

A missionary the other day told me that his mom reads the blog about my mission.

This week was a week of three conferences and emergency transfers and other such things. Even like this, we found the time to teach our investigators and to help them progress. It has been a tiring but fulfilling week in general. This next week should be the same. We also finalized a schedule so that we can always have our studies, and I have recognized a huge difference between studying when I can get a couple of minutes and having 2 hours of straight study. It is incredible, and I realize that It is a principle that I should apply in my “earthly” studies as well.

I love the things that I am learning as a missionary. It is a grand adventure.

I wish I had more time to write. but it has flown by.

All of my love.

Elder Tonkinson

DSC06739We had to go north to trade cars with a pair of senior missionaries. So to make the drive more exciting we went for the coast. This is a foto of con-con. A city next to viña

DSC06620This is me, from the side, driving….actually, if I am not mistaken we are in a car wash.

DSC06573This is my work desk. From where I am writing right now. my cheeks look a little chubby in this picture.

DSC06885This is the view of the sky this morning from the window of our department.

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One Response to WOOOOOOOO

  1. Dear Elder Tonkinson, I so enjoy your post that your dad does here on Facebook. It sounds like you are having a wonderful mission. All missions have their ups and downs, but for all the downs, the ups out weigh them. This is one of the things our son found out on his mission.. I noticed that you mentioned eating a little better, Here are a couple of quick recipes to make good eats.
    Quick veggie noodles soup.
    1 pkg. ramen noodles 1 cup of mixed frozen veggies
    1 small can of cooked chicken,
    Cook noodles as instructed on pkg. when almost done add the veggies and the chicken along with the liquid from the canned chicken. Cook until veggies are tender and serve.
    This recipe can also be used as a casserole by adding: 1 can of cream of chicken soup .
    Break up the noodles into smaller pieces, lay them into a baking dish that has been oiled or buttered in the bottom,add the seasoning to the canned chicken and mix then spread over the noodles. layer the veggies on top ,then mix together 1 cup milk with the cream of chicken soup and pour over the top. Top that with some shredded cheddar cheese and bake at 350* for 30-40 minutes and serve with a salad. If you can’t bake then just do stove top style.
    Not sure what is available to you down there.
    There is always the Mashed Potato casserole.
    1 pd ground beef or pork sausage. 1 cup frozen mixed veggies or your choice of veggies. Mix together and put in a baking dish , Add 1 can of any cream soup, (chicken, mushroom, celery: your choice. Pour over the meat mixture . Make up some instant mashed potato and spoon over the meat mix and sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and bake at 350* for about 20 minutes.
    If you cant bake you can stove top these dishes too.
    Super Tex-Mex dip.
    1 pd, sausage or hamburger 1 small can green chili’s 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 onion chopped,
    2 cups mexican cheese mix or white cheddar.1 small can evaporated milk. 1 tsp chili powder, 1tsp. salt and pepper. In a skillet brown up the meat and the onion until done, take out and add in 1 Tbsp flour and stir around, then add in the tomatoes, and green chili’s until thicker, then add in the milk and stir, put the meat back on top and top with cheese. Turn heat down to low and put a lid on the skillet if you can. If not put foil over it and wait 5 minute and then enjoy with crispy tortilla chips.
    Hope you can use these recipes and God be with you on the rest of your mission. May the investigators floe like honey from a hive. Live long and proser — in the gospel. Bro and Sister osborn

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