¡Oh Blessed week!

How can you explain the incredible amount of blessings that I recieved this week.

We are reminding you this week to write about
-La Familia Medalla: Atributes Activity

Last week I had a lesson during an interchange with The Medalla Family. They are converts from about a year ago that have been struggling a bit to be very very active. The father doesn’t want to committ himself to do many of the things that are necessary for the spiritual growth of his family and frequently they have difficulties. When we got there the other day they were arguing a little bit and we sat down to verify how their scripture reading was. It wasn´t going so well. So We shared with them in 2 Nephi 25:26 where it says
“And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.”

We learn from this of the importance that the scriptures have in teaching us about Jesus Christ. So we explained the connection about following Christ with happiness in their home. But it took a wrong turn when they started pointing out all of the unChristlike attributes in the other. So we stopped them, and we changed directions and did a written list of what Christlike attributes were important in the home and in home communication. When we finished each had a list of 5 characteristics that they needed to develop as individuals to make their relationship better.

The other thing we did with them was really cheesy. 🙂 I rememberd how to make up between us as siblings we alwasy had to do a list of 5 things that we loved of the other. So we had them do this list. At first they did it begrudgingly, but they got more and more endearing as the list went on and in the end they put the list in a small frame and put it on their wall. It was an incredible change in the spirit of the home, by far my favorite lesson that I have had with them.

-Familia Rojas – Chicken pox and family home evening
The Rojas Family is a family of 5. The parents, a son of 15, daughter of 11 and son of 5. They were the result of a fast to find a family that was prepared to recieve the gospel. Last Thursday, they committed to being baptized the 29th (tomorrow) as a family, and the next day their 5 year old son got chickenpox and had complications that put him in the hospital. We visited them that afternoon to share with them, and we couldn’t even go in to see their son. However, after much prayer, the next day the dad and the other two children came. Then on Sunday night the doctors reported that contrary to what they had thought, the five year old son would leave the hospital on monday evening rather than stay another week. That miracle allowed us to finish teaching the whole family. all of whom passed thier baptismal interviews last night and will be baptized tomorrow after the church meetings.

As far as the family home evening goes. They have a catering service and I am just going to send pictures of what they prepared.

This is carvacho de salmon. I don’t know what that means but it is really good!!!

Loreto y COnstanza – Baptismal interview.

Last week we had the baptism of a mom and her daughter but for their interview they got there an hour late and didn’t answer the phone the whole time. A slightly stressful situation. In the end, all went well though, and they bore thier testimonies at the end of their baptism….incredible! I have never seen a new convert with such a strong testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Plus, she prays for opportunites to share the gospel and when they come she does it.



Felipe Cañoles

Let us know about changes (We assume if you end up back in the field, p-days will be Monday again, right?) and anything else on your mind.

Bueno. I am not back in the field for the moment. I am still Assistant. However there have been a couple of big changes that I want to write about. That again illustrate how much mercy the Lord has had with me this week.

When I got here and recived this assignment we almost didn’t have time to go out and work in our area. Which was something that frustrated me greatly. It was a result of a long time of doing things wrong. I shouldn’t say wrong; I should just say badly organized. Anyway, that became my big project and preoccupation, making things happen quicker and more effectively to therefore permit more chances to go out and teach without leaving behind any of our necessary functions as assistants. This week it was made a reality. This week we had changes, which is normally the craziest most exhausting week that we have, the kind of things that from Sunday evening to Wednesday night you sleep a lot less and there are always a bunch of things to do. However, this week they were so well organized that Monday night we went to bed at 12:00 and woke at 6:00 and then from there on out we slept 8 hours a night. Plus, we had time to leave behind other things that were happening to go and teach our investigators, a luxury not even dreamed of by the last assistants.
I have found that with more sleep, it is easier to focus on studies and in lessons, easier to recieve revelation, and easier to be happy. I find myself a lot more content this week then I have been in others and consequently less stressed and more excited for the things to come.

As for my birthday, Wednesday we are going to be in interviews with President again. It will pass by pretty much unobserved, although I bought things to make an awesome breakfast 🙂 All is well. What is one more year 🙂

As far as my studies go. I have taken the opportunity to study more frequently my Patriarchal blessing [see here for description] which little by little has been giving me direction about how my future should be. It is comforting to have road signs that indicate destinations rather then drive on a deserted highway not knowing where it ends. I am therefore more relaxed and find myself being a more useful tool in Heavenly Fathers hands.

Thank you for your love and support and your happy birthdays. I will remember them on Wednesday,

Elder Caleb Tonkinson

Next week with conference [General Conference, a semi-annual series of five, two hour broadcasts from Salt Lake City where members prophets and apostles provide teaching and counsel. The Broadcasts and available on BYUTV, and over the internet at LDS.org or BYUTV.org. Broadcasts are at noon and 4:00 PM ET both Saturday and Sunday. We encourage you to watch.] I don’t know how everything is going to go as far as writing goes, but I hope that you all enjoy conference.

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  1. Brande Booher-Brock says:

    Happy Birthday a little early! Your letters are so inspirational and interesting. May you continue peacefully and diligently in the service of our Heavenly Father. Love, Aunt Brande

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